Meredith Cochran: Helping food businesses flourish with The Shareable Life

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Food is essential to life and has the power to be our greatest tool for a better life. It has always influenced Meredith Cochran, the founder and CEO of The Shareable Life. Her passion for food had existed since childhood, and it has only grown with time. Starting off her career working in the electrophysiology department for a local hospital, she used to prepare food for herself and her co-workers to avoid eating overly processed foods during work hours.

She shares, “With my passion for preventive health and food as medicine, it’s no surprise that I ended up studying traditional Chinese medicine and herbology. I created The Osso Good Co. because I wanted to make sure that everyone had access to healing and nutrient-rich foods.  After successfully growing and expanding the business to millions in revenue, I wanted to help other like-minded businesses do the same.  And, Shareable was born.”

Inside The Shareable Life’s Services

The Shareable Life connects the highest quality brands to new audiences to generate authentic conversations, UGC, boosted momentum, and trackable sales. Meredith explains her services for different brands in detail, saying, “We send you a curated list of influencers, movers + shakers, athletes, physicians, content creators, etc., to introduce your brand and products.  They love it and post about their experience to their audiences, with whom they have influence.  You get to use that UGC (user-generated content) across your platforms.  We all make money through the sales generated from their posts through trackable links.” 

As with any founder, Meredith has witnessed many impediments on the path of her business success time and again. She adds, “The key is to focus on what you can control and to stay true to your mission and values.  Although this certainly sounds more simple than it is, it is just about getting  back up stronger than before.”

Integrity is at the heart of The Shareable Life, and Meredith tries to maintain it in each and every action.     She further explains, “The Shareable Life is unique because I only represent the brands I actually believe in. And then, we work together as one team to achieve results through authentic conversations. I’m constantly innovating and evolving to provide the highest quality products and services.” She also loves how competition pushes us to create a better world where people get the best food, service, and overall better life.

Meredith’s Contribution in the Food Industry

America has a long history of food manufactured with added artificial ingredients and overly processed manufacturing and foods with barely any nutrients at all. While this lined the pockets of the executives, people who consumed those products were at a greater risk of fatal “modern-day” diseases such as diabetes, obesity, etc. Boosting awareness of ingredient labels and the process in which foods are manufactured helps us to achieve optimum health.  Her mission is to help people find the right foods to boost overall health and longevity. 

Thus throughout the lifetime of The Osso Good Co., Meredith made sure that every bone broth was produced in small batches and simmered low and slow to retain the most nutrients available and maintain the integrity of the product. .It was always her mission to source the highest quality ingredients from the highest quality sources and make them better than homemade.    

She says, “By focusing on the highest quality ingredients sourced from the highest quality sources and produced with integrity the way our grandmothers did, we can finally be satisfied again with packaged food.  The Shareable Life helps these companies get in front of new audiences so we can continue to push for foods made with integrity using the high-quality standards we are all seeking for our own families and selves.”

Meredith’s Passion to boost other brands

The future of Shareable is looking bright as she recognizes the importance of getting in front of the right audiences to produce authentic conversations about the best brands in the industry. She says, “I believe that we all have an ability to influence others and the best form of advertising is through “word of mouth”.” For her, today’s digital experiences will pave the way for helping different brands      boost their brand awareness.

She says, “The first day of my career in the food industry was the day I decided there had to be something better and that I could help others to have it too.” Her biggest achievement throughout her career has been her efforts in maintaining and delivering each product and service with the same overall integrity everyday.

Managing CEO and personal roles

Becoming a CEO is a very important and critical position.  Meredith defines  herself as an earnest human being. This means that she is quite serious and zealous in intention with a clear purpose, and always ready to make necessary efforts. She adds, “The most important role I serve as CEO is my ability to set and maintain the vision and values of the business with each and every decision we make.” Thus, it is her duty to ensure that everything is done with full integrity and she is proud that till date, she has never compromised on it at any time.

For her, balance is a big myth and everyone should accept the fact that there will never be ample time to “do it all”. She believes, “Balance is for tight ropes and seesaws. The moment balance is achieved, it is instantly altered, and we have to chase it all over again.” Further, she states, “I maintain the appearance of balance by understanding this and continually working towards my goals.”

As for the future of the company’s growth, she shares, “The future of The Shareable Life is focused on helping the best brands in the industry reach new customers in an authentic way.  With the digital nature of the internet today, expansion globally has never been easier.” Thus, over time, they will engage in building brand presence for other brands globally.

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