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Dov Baron

Consultant for Fortune 500, Dov Baron International

“My experience working with Paul Wilson and the team at Beyond Exclamation was EXCELLENT! The high quality of the publication is a reflection of the high quality of the writing and skills of this team. The process was clean and simple and the result a beautiful piece. I highly recommend this publication as leverage for your position as an expert.”

Peter Bradley

CEO, Torsion IS

“We were fortunate enough to be selected as one of “The 10 Leading Cyber Security Solution Providers Beyond Protection” by Beyond Exclamation. This was a great accolade and an honour to be selected alongside other disruptive companies in the cyber security space. The magazine and it’s editors are top class, professional and reputable, it was a true delight to be part of this.”

Kim Vogel

President & Co-Founder, Base Venture

“Just a wonderful group to work with. Professional, efficient and effective!”

Anna Frellsen


“Maternity Foundation was listed and featured as “Entrepreneur of The Year 2018” in Beyond. It has been of great pleasure to work with the team behind Beyond – a very smooth and all the way through professional experience.”

Alexei Poliakov


“Working with Beyond Exclamation was both fun and inspiring. They are innovative in their approach to business trends by asking probing questions about why the company founders, proposition and benefits are unique. In other words, Beyond! provides the professional insight every customer and investor really wants to know before committing. The pleasure was ours to work with Beyond!”

Nikolaus Suehr

Co-Founder & CEO, KASKO

“Beyond Exclamation was very professional in their approach to nudge me to keep deadlines, help with the copywriting and publishing process. Highly recommendable.”

Catherine Flax

CEO, Pefin

“Working with Beyond Exclamation was seamless and we had a good time too! They are great communicators and the end product was impressive.”

Peter Hewer

Enterprise Mobility Expert & Management Consultant

“Working with Beyond Exclamation has been a pleasure. It’s rare that a publication is so professional and prepared from the first engagement. From the moment I engaged with Beyond Exclamation, they were specific about what you wanted and how the article fits into the publication. The outcome and published article were on a level you rarely see. I will gladly work with beyond! again.”

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