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We are a tribe of creative minds who are driven to motivate our readers by putting together inspiring success stories of influential personages of the business world.

Beyond! Something that mankind has always strived to attain. The history of mankind is a testimony of exclamatory tales, and has witnessed Tycoons, Technologists, Scientists and Artists going beyond their status-quo to win the exclamation. Their passion, commitment, diligence, and the other exclamatory elements have helped them move beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond failure and beyond exclamation.

The extraordinary journeys of these world movers have made us create Beyond Exclamation. The millennials’ century is full of solicitous, innovative, brilliant and creative minds. Beyond Exclamation (b!) is a pioneering venture into the little-known waters of Business, Technology, Science and Culture. With a keen focus on their successes through the kaleidoscope of business, leadership, entrepreneurship, finances and investments, we aim at highlighting people who make a difference in shaping our world and inspiring a revolutionary ripple.

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