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Top 10 Most Inspiring Businesswomen of Influence in 2021

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Successful Women Rise By Lifting Others Up

Women today are aware of what they are capable of brining to the table. They are not afraid of living up to their full potential and showing how efficient they can be. Women now are quite active in every field and set their command wherever they set foot. Successful businesswomen of this era set a good example that a woman can uphold her responsibilities in commercial areas while excellently multitasking with domestic work. As Serena Williams said, “The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another;” eminent working women have been an inspiration for decades and more women follow their lead as they come up and showcase their leadership and entrepreneurial abilities.
It truly is enlightening, fascinating and insightful to understand the importance of women in leadership and how they have used their skills to impact communities and countries. In this edition of successful women titled, “Top 10 Most Inspiring Businesswomen of Influence in 2021” we honor the individuality of each businesswoman today. Featuring on the cover, Beyond Exclamation has captured the thriving journey of Kim Sian, Founder & CEO of SOL Strong, LLC; a health care company bringing you the best nature has to offer to add benefits of versatility in your food, beverage and supplement formulations. Kim manages the day-to-day operations in every area of the business as they aim to seek out, test vigorously and then manufacture the absolute best quality products available across the globe. Kim’s goal is to bring people together through food, with a focus on culture, personal enhancement and the enjoyment of life. She is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary desire to make a difference and a successful tale of success to emulate.

Also inclusive are the success journeys of Lisa Canning, Founder & CEO of Sales Maven LLC; Emily Marquez-Dulin, Founder & CEO of Brooke USA; Karen Englert, CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles County; Yunha Kim, CEO of Simple Habit; Anna Cecilia Frellse, CEO of Maternity Foundation; Linda Grasso, Chief Operating Officer of Digital Business Innovation; Marie Sunde, Co-founder & CEO of Euality Check; Karen Hollenbach, Founding Director of Think Bespoke and Nina Vellayan, President and CEO of Xeeva, Inc.

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