The Blend of Cuisines in the Food World

The Blend of Cuisines in the Food World: Today, food industry is a trillion dollar industry. As a result of large-scale immigration, cuisines of different countries are becoming popular choices around the world as we realize the varied preference of tastes. Therefore, traditional recipes are experimented with and presented as the demand of the public. Let’s look at some of the factors that affect cuisines:-

  • Weather: it affects food habits considerably as it affects cultivation, cattle breeding etc. and also the need to maintain the body temperature, food plays an important role. For example in regions of extreme cold red meats is the main source of protein and fat which helps to maintain the body temperature.
  • Agriculture: it is one of the major factors that affect the world cuisine. Countries with higher agricultural rate have more variations in food habits due to the availability of option. For example, tropical countries grow a wide range of vegetables and spices.
  • Religious beliefs: in every religion comes with some restrictions. They also include food. For example, Muslims do not eat pork, Jewish people do not eat at non-kosher places and Hindus do not eat beef.
  • Health consciousness: this is a major factor in the food industry today. People are getting more conscious about eating healthy and clean to maintain their physique and health. Introductions of foods like oats, musely, artificial sweeteners and low cholesterol oils etc. have been made to satisfy the health-conscious eaters.
  • Lifestyle: the lifestyle of various people and their respective income affect their food habits. There are various delicacies that are becoming famous in high profile society. But due to their cost, they remain restricted to the rich class.

When all these factors are incorporated in the industry the traditional cuisine takes a different form. Hotels and restaurants are constantly experimenting with different cuisines and their recipes. They import and export products and raw materials and provide the authentic flavors of a certain place, with a different twist, to their customers. They constantly mix and match with their recipes to bring some fusion in their food. This is how we find new dishes in restaurants. Even in households, people nowadays experiment with their food for variations.

Food is no more a basic need rather it’s a delicacy. Why not? Something that is so important, why not make it as delicious as possible? Why not work on it and try different cuisines? Food with fusion – this is the new trend.

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