The Robotics Era that We Live in!

The Robotics Era that We Live in: Perhaps one of the most exciting and thrilling domain of science in this world, ever, is Robotics. And what makes this even more enthralling is the fact that robotics is not just a field of science, or core science to be specific. Instead, robotics is as much a field of engineering as it is of science. As a matter of fact, robotics encompasses many fields of engineering to be precise, including but not limited to computer science engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering among others.

Background: This interdisciplinary branch that is robotics deals with much more than just making robots to help us all out in our day to day activities. As a matter of fact, robotics involves the planning, the designing, the constructing or manufacturing and the operating of these machines that we call robots to harness their power of sensing much more than we would normally be able to, and working much more efficiently than normally possible by an average human being.

Control: Control over a robot and each of its tiny details and components is of utmost importance if we are to keep them in check and preventing them from subconsciously ruling over us. Each and every mechanical component of a robot is hardwired to prevent any out of control scenarios, and most importantly the programming is controlled to make sure that it performs exactly like we want it to.

Research: It would still be an understatement to say that extensive research is being carried out in the field of robotics. Today, the complexity of operation of a robot is so high that about a decade earlier, it would have been possible only in case of science fiction novels. It is very important to note that as time progresses so do our tasks that we need to carry out. So it becomes imperative that the robots we build must be building and reasoning with a cognitive model at the root of it al.

As with all other important developing technologies and advancements in science and engineering that are happening and progressing along a very steep curve as you read this article, robotics is no exception to us. Everything has a good side and a bad side, it is upto us which we choose and even after that what we put it to use for. As a matter of fact the hazardous implications might outweigh the good ones, but yet we need to progress, and progress rapidly we will.


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