The Health Effects of Nanomaterials

The Health Effects of Nanomaterials: The march of progress has continued to bring interesting insights to us as newer and newer fields of science are being discovered, which boasts broad applications in our daily lives; even in the field of healing. The prospect of re-engineering and controlling mankind’s every aspect right down to our genes is tempting. While it might be tempting, the use of Nanomaterials has serious ethical and environmental issues to deal with first. So what are the pros and cons of using Nanomaterials in the health industry? Here are a few listed below:


  1. Drug delivery:

The method of delivering drugs to patients will be revolutionized with the use of Nanomaterials. Not only will it make treatment easier by being much more targeted and efficient, it will also be much quicker and often lifesaving. By using Nanomaterials the risks associated with the delivery of drugs are also minimized and the dosage will also be decreased, which is good especially with the drugs that have quite a lot of side effects of their own. In other words, Nanomaterials, more specifically nanoparticles, which are pitched so to be up to the task are going to change the face of medicine as we know it, for the better.

  1. Molecular Imaging:

Molecular imaging is quite an important discipline in the field of biology on which hinges the detection and diagnosis of hard to catch diseases and often the difference between life and death of a patient. After all, the reaction of molecules is all that acts as an indicator to disease. Conventionally, fluorescent probes are used for molecular imaging because of their inherent property of inertness which guarantees that aside from the organic dyes which would mark the spot of cellular change, the marker itself would not react at all and hence will not deteriorate any malignant change in the cellular structure or molecular structure.


  1. Severe cardiovascular and pulmonary effects:

It’s no secret that since the Industrial Revolution hit, the presence of nanoparticles in the air has often posed significant danger to human health, and as humans progressed, the risk has only increased. The presence of higher amounts of lead in the air itself is the cause of so many respiratory problems and cardiovascular diseases that in itself is truly terrifying.

  1. Ethical boundaries:

While Nanomaterials do have significant positive impact on the health industry, any technology used in an unethical manner becomes difficult to bear and often dangerous. The regulation of Nanomaterials is important but there is only so much any regulation can control.

The use of Nanomaterials can be a boon or a curse depending on your viewpoint. Considering that it has such a potential, it would be a mistake to ignore it entirely. So of course we should put regulations on Nanomaterials but not dismiss it entirely.

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