All You Need To Know About Blood Groups

Blood is a very important fluid in our bodies. Blood is
required in any kind of emergency. Giving blood to others who are in need is
very good because giving blood helps the patient as well as helps you to
control your blood pressure level. But, before giving blood to any patient you
must know your blood group. Because without knowing your blood groups you will
not be able to donate blood to others. Also, the name should be known because
it is required in professional areas also. So, today we will be discussing some
relevant facts about blood groups.

Definition of Blood Groups

When we used to be in our childhood, we thought that all
groups are the same because the color of blood is red for all. But as we grew
up, we studied and we came to know that there are different types of blood
groups available in different human bodies. So, before donating blood to any
patient it is required that the donor knows his/her blood group because the
mixing of other blood groups in any patient’s body can be very dangerous and
deadly without knowing what kind of blood is required by the patient. In
science, we have read that a human body contains millions of red blood cells.
Let’s talk in more detail.

How to discover blood groups?

Donation of blood was started in the 17th century,
but blood groups were discovered in the 20th century. Due to
this reason, animal’s blood was transferred to human bodies when required and
it causes fatal diseases because animal blood is not suitable for human bodies.
This resulted in a weak immunity system, infections, and other hazardous
diseases. And due to these fatal diseases harmed the human bodies, transferring
blood from animals was stopped. After that many scientists started
experimenting and found that ABO blood group is the safest blood group and can
be transferred to any human body without involving any risk factor. After that
many experiments were done and after 1930 human blood was used in human bodies
after knowing their blood groups.

Why blood grouping is important in the present time?

A correct blood group is required before donating it to any
patient whoever requires it. Because if a patient is given the wrong group’s
blood then it can cause certain hazardous problems which in-turn causes death
to the patient? After injecting the donor’s blood into the patient’s body it
immediately starts reacting with the patient’s blood cells and tissues. So, it
is important to know your blood groups correctly.

Importance of knowing your blood group

We all know that blood is an important component of the
human body. So, to stay fight and maintain a healthy lifestyle you should know
your blood group because of the following reasons:

●    In an emergency, you can get the
correct blood group donor- If you know your blood group then it can be helpful
in emergencies when you require blood or when anybody requires blood from you.
Before donating blood your blood will test and will be matched with the

●    To get the required information
about the donor’s blood- The most important benefit of knowing your blood group
is you can easily donate your blood to any required patient who needs it. The
most demanded ones required today are O-negative and O-positive

●    To know that your blood group is
rare or common- O-negative is the rarest blood group and O-positive is the most
common blood group among humans. So, to know that your blood group is rare or
not, testing your blood to know your blood group.

●    A woman can plan a healthy
pregnancy- Knowing your blood group can help a woman plan a healthy pregnancy
because at times of pregnancy or giving birth to a newborn baby,
sometimes blood is required.

Types of blood groups available

There are 4 types available. They are:

1.  A blood group.

2.  B blood group.

3.  AB blood group.

4.  O blood group.

These four groups are available both in RhD negative and RhD
positive. Hence, there are 8 types of blood groups available.


So, to wrap up, knowing your blood group and having a basic
understanding about blood groups is very important because it helps you as well
as other needy patients also.


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