Michael Collura: Transforming the home care space with In Home Personal Services

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Backing up his marketing and business development skills, Michael Collura, President of In Home Personal Services, aims to tailor superior home care for the elders so that they can get the full comfort of their familiar environment. Realizing the challenges of the aging process, he steers the company in the right direction to cater to the individual needs of all the clients and offer the best care services.

Laying the foundation of In Home Personal Services

In the beginning, Michael was inexperienced, immature, and lacked focus. He adds, “Life was great, but there was no career, there was no vision.”

His first dose of inspiration came from his own mother. He states, “She was dedicated to the care of others, she worked hard to do “the little things” to make life better for strangers under her care and of course she introduced me to the industry when I was just 15 years old by getting me a job in the same nursing home she worked at.”

The job transformed Michael’s perspective and structured his future path. Widening his skillset and gaining valuable experience, Michael laid the foundation of In Home Personal Services in 2004 to transform the home care space. He mentions, “My life before 2004 was intended to be more, and I am lucky that where I sit today, I can say mission accomplished!”

“Failure is the first step to success.”

Michael believes that if the notion of “failing” makes one uncomfortable, then the person is not ready to be an entrepreneur. He sees all the challenges as an opportunity for a leader to make a difference and bring significant change. He expresses, “I feel fortunate to have faced all my challenges. There were many, and some were very challenging, but in the end, I stand today proud of my response, my decisions, and the outcomes which speak loud and clear for themselves. It has not only made me stronger, but more importantly, it also made the team and the brand invincible.”

Offering top-class services with In Home Personal Services

Michael mentions, “We are a non-medical senior care provider. What that means is we provide the necessary care for daily living that ensures a safe, independent, and compassionate lifestyle for those who wish to remain active, healthy, and socially engaged.” They are a team of care providers who, on the frontlines, have stood firm. Their caregivers are among the most professional, compassionate, and courageous health care workers in the home care space, and Michael feels privileged to have all of them in his team.

He believes that innovation is an integral part of an entrepreneur. Being a good leader involves inspiring all the team members to be the best version of themselves while offering the services of the brand. Following an innovative approach while progressing forward is the key to achieve success and mark one’s unique identity in the market. He adds, “Innovation is when we make a difference in ways that no one else considered, and the quality of life for those we care for is improved. Our brand has and does stand out in many ways, and we are proud to have been recognized by so many for those efforts. In the end, if innovation does not make an impact in the lives of those that trusted us, it is just a good idea.”

Michael is pretty sure that their brand will experience growth and expansion without any serious effort from his side. He looks forward to surge both the number and essence of team members.

Sharing his dream, Michael adds, “My dream would be to see more leaders developed from within our own ranks and more entrepreneurs who see the potential to achieve the success of others around them. I want to see the joy and possibilities in what we do expand to more seniors.”

Carrying this vision for the upcoming generation, he aims to make home care available for all seniors with the provision of standard quality and compassion.

Working as a Useless Entrepreneur 

As the President of In Home Personal Services, Michael’s chief role is to mitigate every obstacle that hinders the path of the team’s growth. Other than that, he believes in the old adage that states, “Teamwork creates dream work.” Thus, he feels that having smarter, more qualified, and better people can surely bring a huge revolution in imparting excellent services.

He also shares, “Surrounding yourself with those that are better than you, raising them up, and seeing them grow and achieve in ways they never imagined they could, marks a good day for us.”

Michael has an absurd way of acknowledging recognition. For him, his “best” recognition comes from those who rate his services with “1 star.” Explaining it further, he states, “I know that sounds weird, but if you think about it, the raw unfiltered (sometimes toxic) messages we receive as an unpopular leader can seem off-putting. I say, none of those messages ever came from a client, a patient, or a family member, so I am doing what matters the right way.” 

Following this ideology, he states that making a difference would not mean making everyone happy. It rather ensures that the care imparted by them is unmatchable and renowned all across the world. With such top-notch service provision, he is ready to take all criticism.

Balancing roles with inclusive support

Having a scrutinized selection process for recruiting self-motivated and honest people, everyone in the company showcases their constant support besides appreciating and recognizing their efforts. He opines in the fact that only with consistent team efforts, they were able to meet their individual and professional goals. He feels blessed to have such a team that helped him attain this personal and professional balance easily. 

Golden words

For all inspiring future leaders, Michael shares, “Integrity will be your #1 ally, the struggle will be real, success is achievable after failure, and critics will be everywhere. In the end, you will make an amazing contribution to your community, society, and the lives you impact, making everything else worth it! Then…go to Disneyland and celebrate!”

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