Fabian Dolde: Thriving Up in the high vertical range of manufacturing space

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Technical Prodigy who strives to bring revolution in the world through his work!

Fabian Dolde, CEO of Eurotec Innovation GmbH always had a dream of becoming an engineer and invent technical products. Being a tech-enthsiast since childhood, he worked with computers with internet since he was 4 years old. At 8, he became super interested in businesses and even more inclined towards trading. He even bought cheaper bundles of different incomplete LEGO models, completed each model and sold each model after a short playing time separately. During his teenage years, his passion was DIY especially in metal working and developing self-made things using welding, drilling etc.

He came up with his first venture after his high-school degree which was in the field of trading, affiliate-marketing and computer services in his hometown. He later progressed to complete his university studying mechanical engineering and business administration simultaneously.

He shares, “During my studies, I was searching for other business ideas which are scalable. The first business was not bad, but this one could not be scaled up. It will be (more or less) always a “one-man-show”. Therefore, I was looking for technical products, which can be produced and sold in higher quantities. Inventing completely new products is very difficult, therefore my focus was to combine existing solutions to get new products.”

Owing to this, foundation of Eurotec Innovation was laid in 2015. He founded the company in 2016 as soon as he finished his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and continued expanding it throughout his master studies.

Showering Light on Eurotec Innovation

Eurotec Innovation has different products furnished with superior quality materials. They comprise of Mass finishing machines, Tumblers, Dryers for drying mass-finished parts and centrifugal cleaning system to recycle process liquids. Moreover, these centrifugal systems can be further used in a plethora of other industries. They even have media and chemicals for industrial mash finishing process.

The primary goal at Eurotec is to provide the customer with all machines and products for his mash finish process. The most important thing to note about their business is that they sell the process and not just the machines.

He states, “We are very obsessed to build a system that is highly scalable with fewer limits in scaling up the business. Therefore, we are working on many solutions/areas, which are not necessary for our actual business size. But for later, if the business is developing, these processes are needed otherwise the progress will stop.”

The company has to create a fully integrated ERP system, inventory with live status and own allocation of numbers (like ASIN-Code) as well as focus on developing efficient assembling line according to LEAN-production methods.

They focus on all the significant aspects i.e. development, assembling as well as customer service. All this makes them stand out from their competitors.

Fabian’s Core Traits in the leadership journey

He has 3 main attributes imbibed in him that have contributed largely in his leadership voyage.

1: Learning new things fast: Being an autodidactic, he learned everything about starting and running a business on his own such as leading people, organizations, laws.

2: Acquiring both theoretical and practical knowledge: Since his childhood, he has learnt all the skills not just in theory but by gaining practical experience as well.

3: Honing his strengths in organization: Being quite organized, he always has an edge over others to complete all his tasks more effectively than others. Owning to this, he was able to get fewer learning sessions in school and complete bachelor’s degree mechanical engineering in standard period even with 2 studies parallel and bachelor’s degree economics below standard period with 2 studies parallel. He also gained his master’s degree below standard period with the foundation of Eurotec parallel

International experience (16 weeks). On top of that, he was always on the un to learn new skills such as electrician, working for a Tech company in Munich, doing internships simultaneously with his studies.

Driving Motivation

With discipline and good organization, every business startup is easy. He shares, “I have achieved many things I had desired so far. For now, the main goal is to scale up the business and to start up new business ideas as soon there will be a chance. Now I am very concerned about searching new and additional goals be it, short term or long term.”

He says that motivation is the key to achieve higher aims without any hassle. He adds, “It’s like hiking and aiming for a special summit. If you are at the summit and you look around, there are many other summits that are higher and more difficult to achieve than yours. You realize that not the goal is the motivation, it’s the way to the goal! The hard work will pay of, if you have managed the difficult “roads” to former goals where you did not give up. This experience makes you stronger for new unknown tasks and is my motivation to fight for every goal and to develop new goals before reaching my current goals.”

Managing Professional and Personal Fronts

Fabian is the CEO of Eurotec Innovation and is currently also the head of development, business strategy, marketing departments. He feels that his past experiences have shaped his mind in the entrepreneurial mode which include his technical and economic studies that help in developing new ideas. Besides that, his practical experience in this field as he spent ample time in the garage during his youth. He is even excellent in developing and operating electrical control units which he learnt during his side electrician job during school.

His great computer skills such as designing own templates (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), programming, website , IT infrastructure and ameliorating the ERP-System that he learnt during early childhood. Being an entrepreneur, work and leisure seem to have no difference and for Fabian, it means maintaining a good social life besides striving hard for his goals and business. Once difficult work goals are achieved, there are more relaxed times slots. He prioritizes everything as per the work and environment demands. He says, “If there is e. g. raining Sunday I will work full time, if there is a sunny afternoon, I will catch up some leisure in nature.”

Eurotec Innovation’s expansion Plans

Fabian plans to expand the product range and develop and produce new machine products and components especially those that operate automatically, and which can be easily connected to other process machines. He feels that introduction of “IoT (internet of things)” in such production machines will really generate excellent customer benefits.

He wants to augment sales and for that, he says, “Now we are finishing our high-tech production system which is capable to scale up sales with fewer adaptions. At the moment, our main customers are located in Europe. For the future, we want to address the global market.”

He even thinks that there is higher potential in manufacturing environmental cleaning systems. Thus, they are focusing on expanding their products in that domain (especially centrifugal cleaning systems).

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