Jimmy Widén: Digital Meetings Makes Real Estate Explode

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The luxury real estate market is distinct in the real estate business since it caters to the sector’s upper echelon of customers. Luxury real estate isn’t called that just because it’s pricey. Nonetheless, high-end purchasers are drawn to these residences because of their exclusivity and distinctive features. High-net-worth individuals are presently buying high-end estates and mansions within gated communities, according to real estate experts, to secure the protection and security of their families. Furthermore, people choose to purchase luxury residences from well-known real estate developers who go above and beyond to enhance luxury properties.

After working in real estate on the side in Sweden for 13 years, Jimmy Widén started 3SA Estate to offer customised living solutions that suit buyers’ needs where everything from the interior and the environment to work, school, and activities is synchronised in perfect harmony. He says, “Whether you are selling or looking for the home of your dreams, we have a well-established network of contacts globally and in the Swedish and Nordic business communities.”

Brief about Jimmy

Jimmy has always been drawn to the real estate sector. He flipped a few residences in his earlier years while studying brokerage in Sweden. As Marbella has always been a place that has motivated him to modify his lifestyle, he saw a gap in the market when he went through the process of buying a home here. He shares, “I was here on holiday for the first time when I was four years old, and i told my dad that i wanted to live in Marbella when I “got old.” I was working in real estate on the side in Sweden, and after some profitable business, i bought my first apartment in Marbella as a holiday home.”

After spending more time here, Jimmy saw the massive potential for the future of permanent living in Marbella. He says, “Seeing this gap in the market five years ago has shaped me to create the brokerage that I am a proud owner of today.”

Jimmy worked in the television sector for most of his career, supporting over 100 companies with their marketing. These are some of the techniques he is bringing to the real estate sector today as a fresh perspective. As a leader, he exemplifies how hard work and dedication are the only ways to achieve success.

Jimmy’s days as the company’s CEO are very different now than they were two years ago. He currently leads a team of 14 full-time professionals that work together every day to achieve the same objectives. As a business leader, his personal purpose is to guarantee that he passes on his knowledge and moulds his close team into the greatest version of themselves that will move the firm ahead. He asserts, “Giving your people a chance to speak and take control is the most important thing you can do to help them grow and attain their best potential.”

3SA Estate

3SA Estate is a real estate business with offices in both Marbella and Dubai. The organisation not only sells, rents, and builds homes; it also assists clients in staying a step ahead in the worlds of work, family, leisure, and social contact, which we refer to as “life.”

3SA Estate simplifies house purchases, rentals, business conferences, and property development in addition to lucrative agreements. The team states, “Regardless of your vision or dreams, we have the common goal of increasing your life quality.” The team’s focus is to meet every client’s expectation, and it aims to surpass them. It believes in long-term relationships, business integrity, commitment, credibility, service, and energy. The firm’s name 3SA represents what it is—3 Steps Ahead, and it makes sure that clients are too.

According to Jimmy, 3SA’s fundamental value is everything it does, whether it’s marketing, selling a house, building, renting, etc. He shares, “We do it in the client’s best interest. By being (3SA-3 Steps Ahead), we are proactive rather than reactive, and that, for us, is the most innovative we can be.” 

Seeing Success in Clients’ Happiness

“Success in my business area has meant finding a property for my customer that is even better than the one they wanted,” says Jimmy. His will to win has always been the driving force behind his success. Building trust with customers, he feels, helps people to listen to his advice and trust that he is sharing his route to success, which has led him to where he is now.

Jimmy is constantly seeking new methods to work and showcase his team’s achievements. He believes that we all need difficulties to grow as people, and thus the hurdle is finding partners and workers that have similar objectives for offering high-quality services. He says, “Doing it right from the start so that you are proud of what you are producing is a crucial lesson I have learned.”

Jimmy assures clients that the 3SA Estate team is always there for clients when they need it, as a broker, every minute of the day and every day of the year. He asserts, “To seize every minute of each day, week, and year rushing by while we are too busy planning for the future. Our focus is to help our customers, not only to dream their dreams but also to see and catch the opportunities when they come.” He further adds, “3SA Estate is the only contact you will need as your real estate agency.”

Personalizing Personal and Professional Lives

A normal day for Jimmy starts with physical activity, mostly tennis in the mornings, followed by internal team meetings and supporting his sales team with closing business. He says, “I’m keeping my body active and mixing my personal and professional lives, and the ideal networks surround me to help it all come together. I keep myself motivated by overcoming roadblocks and finding solutions that benefit our clients and myself each day. Involving my employees in our successes and losses helps them understand the process and pushes them to solve problems independently. The best motivator is self-satisfaction.” Currently, he is taking a break from daily viewings to focus on business growth.

Extending Worldwide

Jimmy views the contribution as a result of the change in digitalization. Since 3SA Estate now offers rentals in addition to sales, the team encourages working from home and testing living before purchasing and has been able to achieve this transformation sooner owing to Corona.

One of the most compelling justifications, according to the entire 3SA Estate team, is that it creates a lasting impression as the most amazing agency that gives top-notch service in all business sectors to its clients. Clients that are happy suggest their friends and family. Jimmy asserts, “We affect change by using our level of service, expertise, and know-how to ensure that we are proud of the products we deliver.” 

Jimmy aspires to extend and grow 3SA Estate to new and exciting destinations worldwide, where he can fulfil the firm’s mission of giving its clients a lifestyle change.

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