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For the past several decades, the healthcare delivery model has not really changed. There used to be a time when provider or physicians used to make house calls as the patient volume had gone up as compared to the no of physicians available to meet the healthcare need. This model eventually changed to office-based care, wherein patients started visiting the physician’s office for medical care and diagnosis.  

However, by the year 2020, there is predicted to be a huge gap between the demand and supply for primary care providers as well as for any other specialty of medicine. Office-based care model is not seen to be efficient and necessary anymore. The United States will face a shortage of between 40,800 and 104,900 physicians by 2030, according to a new study commissioned by the AAMC. T March 14, 2017, the study found that the numbers of new primary care physicians and other medical specialists are not keeping pace with the demands of a growing and aging population.

This is because of the ongoing innovations in the healthcare technology and video-based telemedicine, which allows both patients and the physician to speak face to face. The dual model of face-to-face and in-person approach has narrowed down to only the face-to-face approach. Amidst all the backlash surrounding this model, it still offers a personalized touch with the provider and is much more efficient and cost-effective for both the patient as well as the provider. Hence, there no longer remains the need for the provider to make house calls and for the patient to travel all the way up to the physician’s chamber. 

By leveraging the power technology, PatientClick stands out with its EHR solutions that enable physicians to enhance the capability of their facilities and improve patient outcomes. Most importantly, the company helps solve this vital issue surrounding the shortage of physicians and clinicians with its solutions. Featuring as the Cover Story amongst our Top 10 EMR-EHR Solutions Beyond Disruption,” Beyond Exclamation looks at the journey, the vision, and the rise of PatientClick.

An Easy and Efficient Solution

PatientClick offers an all-in-one secured, Electronic Health Record, Practice management, & TeleMedicine solution with integrated automation and artificial intelligence built in to manage the workflow of multi-location, multi-specialty clinics. 

The system offers comprehensive scheduling, document management, and clinical note management capabilities along with the ability to ePrescribe, securely order controlled substances, Lab orders etc. electronically. Some of the unique features of the PatientClick platform includes patient engagement and appointment reminders via SMS, email, and push notifications.

The internal smart engine of the platform takes care of the Physician’s credentialing, current contracted rates with the payers and scrub claims and sends it to the payers upon receipt of the response. The payment auto posts it to the patient accounts and generates patient statements with a simple click! 

The telemedicine solutions of PatientClick integrated with EHR and Practice management enables office staff to integrate clinical data and financial data along with video-based face to face visit. The technology is built around the fact that there is no fall outs or claims lost through the cracks in the process. The video-based telemedicine also allows the provider to capture remote patient’s vital signs data, as well as any other activity tracking device data!

“Our team in Healthcare Technology space have more than 10 years of extensive experience. We understand the need of Physicians or clinical staff, whereas most EHR/EMR companies build their business based on the software developer background,” Ashish mentions while speaking about the company’s competitors.

“Affordable Healthcare for All”

Healthcare is changing at a very rapid pace. The new generation needs access to everything and anything without any wait time. Along with the changing face of the healthcare landscape, government rules and regulations are also changing rapidly to accommodate all the changes which are primarily influenced by the technology upgrades. 

However, amidst all these changes, the key challenge for the team at PatientClick is keeping up with the regulatory requirements, client requirements, and keeps its technology upgraded and up-to-date to compete in the marketplace. The team at PatientClick dedicatedly works on what’s coming next into the market and focuses on how they can help providers, clinical staff, to be more efficient, so as to enable them to keep their focus on what they are best at doing. These thoughts and approaches of the company are inversely linked with its overall goal – “Affordable Healthcare for All!”

A Leader with a Vision

Ashish Mehta, the CEO and Chief Visionary of PatientClick, holds a pioneering presence in the company and in the industry owing to his extensive experience and knowledge of the sector. His leadership allows the rest of the team at PatientClick to work on innovative projects such as integrated telemedicine solution with EHR and Practice management.

The inspiring leader boasts more than 18 years of experience in Healthcare IT, Technology, and International business. He serves as the board member of Alliant International University and also serves as a mentor with CONNECT. Ashish has also served as the ambassador for the World Trade Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Making a Mark in the Industry

It was back in 2008 when EMR (Electronic Medical Records) had just started out as a digitization of paper-based medical record to electronic. However, as time started to change, by 2011, the first ever certification requirements by the ONC was released as meaning use stage 1 followed by stage 2 and stage 3 requirements. Today, PatientClick EHR is meaningful use stage 1 and stage 2 certified as well as stage 3 modular certified, which is kind of like the Gold Standard in Certification.

With all data being digitized, or rather most of the clinics being digitized, the next wave is slated to be data analytics and artificial intelligence in clinical medicines. According to Ashish, “The financial loopholes and claim based challenges will be eliminated as software can now read the historical data and our applications will have enough intelligence to identify, modify, correct, and/or resubmit medical claims and or get paid much faster than ever before. Better, more efficient medical offices will be coming soon. Patients will get text or push notification reminders from the doctor’s office and before you show up for appointment the doctor’s staff will have complete information about your insurance, deductible and out of pocket limit so you and they can plan in advance on how you can take care of your current visit charges and the collection cycle will hence be reduced to days from weeks or months.”

An Innovative Integration of Mobile Technology

Aside from virtual visits, the patient portals of PatientClick offers individuals with the capability of intuitive scheduling, attaining informational materials concerning the current medical conditions of the patient, and providing e-visiting billing. The solutions of PatientClick are compatible on multi-devices and can be accessed with ease through both an Android as well as an iPhone mobile device. This enables the patient to identify and select the medium of interface that they would prefer for communicating with the physicians. The usage of mobile devices also helps assist physicians in geo-locating the patients, as well for keeping track of all the necessary details, like the calls that were made.

A Step into the Future

Moving ahead, PatientClick is slated to come up with artificial intelligence built into its medical record software. This would allow providers to predict the expected patient inflow for a day in advance as well as the likeliness of the patient following the medication plan, and finding the patient medical adherence score, clinical decision-making process, etc.

Since Patientclick is an integrated EHR, Practice management, and telemedicine product, the company helps identify the data point from each segment and runs a report across all components for a specific clinic or even for a specific physician within a group. Speaking about this, Ashish mentions “The decision-making based on Knowledge and intelligent data point would put practices on a different level!”

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