Commence Corporation: Revamping CRM solutions for Efficient Operations

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With the aim to design and deliver unique and affordable CRM solutions for small scale companies, Commence Corporation stepped into the corporate market. Being the CEO of the company Larry Caretsky paved the way to the top against all the odds.

Hurdles are part of the success

Larry Caretsky believes that setbacks are an integral part that allowed them to focus on their core vision. They started different ventures in different domains in the past but soon realized that everyone could achieve not everything.

He believes that being the jack of all the things is not going to work for Commence Corporation. So, the company pivoted out of that approach and decided to gain expertise in a single domain and rule it.

With several other corporate beasts present in the CRM industry, Commence Corporation had a tough road ahead to reach the top place.

Rise of Commence Corporation

With the aim the bring a change in the CRM industry, Commence Corporation began the journey with Commence 1.0. Larry Caretsky wanted to provide affordable solutions to small-scale companies to comprehend the power of customer relations and grow exponentially.

Commence Corporation stands tall on its three pillars that are honesty, integrity, and professionalism. The whole team at the company works harmoniously to achieve the set milestones and improve together.

The company gives the first and foremost priority to their customers. By understanding the needs of the customers at a deeper level, they have come a long way from the last two decades.

Larry Caretsky strongly believes that innovation is the key to rise and prosper. So, he leads the company to incorporate the latest tools and technologies with their strategies to improve their products and provide smart, innovative solutions to the customers.

Tackling the competition in the market

While exploring the whole CRM industry, Commence Corporation understood three prime things. First, the majority of the products to harness the power of CRM were designed for the enterprise level. They have all the key functionality but the cost to incorporate the structure in the company is quite high.

Secondly, there are a countless number of cookie-cutter products available for the small scale industry for free on the internet. They just offer basic functionality with no scope to blend them with the strategies and customize different aspects.

Third, there are some professional options in the market, but they offer very limited functionality. Commence Corporation focused on this thing and leaped the golden opportunity to develop a unique solution that will allow all the companies to understand the importance of CRM and skyrocket their growth.

The aim was to reduce the enterprise-level products’ cost and complexity and provide simple and unique solutions for everyone to use. They offer a comprehensive suite of applications with unique functionality.

The product includes the ability to managing leads, sales, marketing, customer service, project management, and even a customer portal that improves the interaction with prospects and customers.

Commence CRM is clearly easier to implement and use than industry giants or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is the optimum solution for small to mid-scale companies to harness the power of CRM and achieve new heights.

Providing unique functionality to all clients

Larry Caretsky understands the role of customers and knows how to utilize them efficiently. Keeping them as the prime focus, he led his company to develop a product that allows them to understand the importance of CRM and exploit it to grow.

He grasped the fact that small and mid-scale industries were lacking the resources to unleash the power of CRM. So, he aimed at bridging the gap between them and build his company to offer them everything in a simple and cost-efficient way.

Commence Corporation has a team of highly experienced sales, marketing, and customer service professionals that fill this gap by providing the expertise necessary for our customers to realize the maximum value from our software.  This includes creating and implementing a sales methodology or process, sales training, creation of marketing mailers even the implementation of a customer service portal that automates customer service.

By coupling its software with professional services, Commence Corporation paved its way to the top with the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

Role as the CEO of the Commence Corporation

The CRM sector continues to expand and evolve with newer innovative technologies, additional services, and better integration to third-party products.  Commence Corporation is contributing to this by enabling their customers to utilize new technology in conjunction with Commence CRM.

As the CEO of the company, Larry Caretsky pays close attention to the customer needs and remain dedicated to profitably delivering our products and services into the future.

He is a focused executive and passionate about sales and building long term business relationships. Surpassing 35 years in the industry, he has been recognized as one of the Most Inspiring Sales Leaders by the Lead Management Association, which fuels his motivation to grow.

He manages the overall business operations in the United States and abroad while taking several critical corporate decisions. He plans and plots the company’s short term and long term business strategy.

Road to success and future of Commence Corporation

Commence Corporation has been very successful in providing innovative solutions to all the customers. The clientele is gratified by the company structure, methodology and love to use their products. Many customers also indicate that the company’s management is easily accessible and is often engaged at the grassroots level.

“I am confident that customers would say that they have a very good product coupled with outstanding service,” Larry adds.

The company aims to grow and elevate the profitability. Not being an enterprise-level company, Commence Corporation has access to limited resources, but that never in their way to provide professional services.

They aim to form strategic business alliances with other solution providers in specific vertical markets or general-purpose spaces with solutions like AI or BlockChain.

They already do this outside the United States, where their products are sold and supported by third-party business partners.  They plan to continue to grow this channel and expand their international footprint.

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