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Blockchain Captures Digital Marketing as CoinPoint Takes the Lead

Marketing is a core requirement for the growth of every business. If their marketing strategies are clearly outlined, the business benefits greatly. There are many digital marketing companies today that utilize advanced technologies to create progressive growth techniques for businesses. Currently, blockchain technology is an evolving technique adopted in the field of digital marketing. With a view to redefine the future of blockchain, CoinPoint, a multinational premium digital marketing agency offers everything a blockchain business might need. With an outstanding place on the global blockchain and crypto map since 2013, CoinPoint offers cutting-edge services and technology and empowers both small-scale businesses and multinational companies attain their predefined goals. CoinPoint is a leading company in its field and we are privileged to cover their journey. We have also highlighted some inspiring insights shared by the CEO and Co-Founder of CoinPoint, Oron Barber. We are certain that the success story of CoinPoint will motivate every aspiring individual to innovate change.

The Foundation of CoinPoint

CoinPoint Group was born out of another marketing agency that Oron owned, when they started to learn the potential of the Blockchian (BC) market, back in 2013. The vision was, and still is that Value Comes First, this is what they believe in and this is what they focus on when they are working in the BC space. “We are grateful to early adopters like us, who gave us the trust to manage their marketing strategies, and help us learn from the market, together with our clients.”, Oron shares.

Like every growing company, CoinPoint too had and continue to face many challenges that they strive to overcome every day. The main challenge has always been the education curve and knowledge gap that they aim to overcome day-by-day. They believe that the mass adoption is still far away, people are skeptic, and we all need to join forces to spread the word about BC and its applications and help the different markets understand its capabilities.

The Outstanding Services of CoinPoint

CoinPoint’s know-how in the blockchain field stems specifically from their previous experiences, where they absorbed business growth hacks, top-tier marketing channels, and most importantly network of highly skilled partners. If we need to single out some of the services where they excel, that would be robust consultation service for startups and enterprises that need to kick-start their projects, but also marketing campaigns necessary for business growth and exposure using highly-customized methods tailored for the blockchain and crypto communities.

Being the market leader since the start, allowed CoinPoint to always stay on the frontline of business development. Hence, they are constantly on the hunt for partners from the top edge of this technology, working with super smart and super innovative clients and customers and participating at the best conferences and events.

A Leader’s Viewpoint

An entrepreneur at heart, Oron Barber is backed by years of industrial experience and technical know-how. Starting businesses, trying new things and exploring new opportunities has always been something exciting for him as you never know if something is going to go viral or just go down the drain. This excitement, the thrill of venturing into certain field has been Oron’s motivation during his starting years. “After founding CoinPoint Group Inc, he has found his true vocation, so to speak, and since I’m working dynamically to broaden my horizons and absorb knowledge as much as possible.”, he affirms.

“The idea of founding CoinPoint has seen the light of the day because we like innovation, and we like to lead, so we took this role of the #1 ever consultation and marketing agency in the BC space when no one wanted to hear about it (early 2013). The journey we went through has been absolutely crazy, but in a good way.”, Oron exclaims.

The Vision and Future of CoinPoint

CoinPoint is a blockchain and crypto marketing agency per se, yet their business transcends that of an “ordinary” digital agency. Having 60+ clients and 80+ partners in the scope of 6 years since the platform’s launch has put a colossal stamp on their expertise and has allowed them to procure the knowledge which would otherwise remain beyond their grasp. CoinPoint’s tagline, “Vision Comes First” is deeply seeded in their mindsets and work they do and that is how they tackle each obstacle coming their way. As a company, CoinPoint had their ups and downs, however they managed to stick together during thick and thin and emerge victorious. This winning mentality that is instilled in every employee, is what drives the company forward.

Blockchain is everywhere and in the upcoming years it will scale up, grow more and get deeper into our daily lives. With unified effort, the technology is becoming more and more digestible for those uninitiated. It is not the “up-and-coming” tech anymore, it’s here and it’s here to stay. “I truly believe that BC is the future of things.”, says, Oron. As far as short-term plans go, CoinPoint aims to continue riding the wave that they have surfed for 6 years now. On the long-term, however, Oron sees massive expansion on 2 continents, having the offices both in Manila and Sofia, and working robustly on Blockchain implementation in other industries together with huge, respected names. That is the goal he has set for himself, and all his daily endeavors are projected in that regard.

But they also understand that it’s always best to wade one step at a time and not rush into things, as CoinPoint believes: Value Comes First!

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