Vulnerabilities of Network Security

Network Security is an extremely important agenda which needs to be prioritized upon. When a specialist is in charge of the setup for the network security, he or she should be careful enough because if the network security is not strong enough, it will be difficult to resist the manifestation of the hackers, which are growing powerful each and every day. It is necessary to protect the network system against prevalent viruses, adwares as well as identity thefts. However, in the current era, it has been observed that network security falls prey to its common threats due to some faulty activities.

What are the vulnerabilities of Network Security?

The authorities try their level best to protect the vital information from the cyber hackers but sometimes, it is observed that due to some minute and intricate failures, it is difficult to provide the protection as the hackers are smart enough to detect these faults through which they can easily achieve their triumph. Often,  network security becomes vulnerable towards the hackers due to the following reasons:

  1. Passwords:

Weak or easily detectable passwords often create an issue in this domain. It has been observed that several servers, applications, which are web specific, possess weak passwords, which are not at all difficult to access them if we consider the hacker’s point of view. To prevent the theft of information, the password management system should be made strong with difficult passwords and other possible measures.

  1. Missing patches:

     Due to the occurrence of missing patches, it becomes automatically easier for a hacker to be a successful intruder into the web security. Thus, one should be careful enough while applying the patches to the servers.

  1. Mobile devices:

Nowadays, almost everyone is habituated about saving their passwords or other login information in their mobiles or tablets, this is done because it seems convenient to the user, but this actually possesses a great risk. This is why one should not use unauthenticated random Wi-Fi as it may lead to the vulnerability of network security.

  1. Firewall rule-bases:

     It is a common notion that the operating capability of Firewall is commendable but a close analysis reveals that it has many flaws, which lead to unwanted theft of security and information – leading to a total mishap of the network security. Thus, it is recommended that the Firewall rule-base must be regularly analyzed and reviewed accordingly.

  1. USB Flash Drives:

USB devices are perhaps the most common portable devices which have an extensive use everywhere in this world. This is why it is quite difficult to believe that these miniature devices can cause a threat to the network security, surprisingly enough this USB Flash Drives actually contribute towards the loss of important information by invading the security.

Often it has been observed that the threats which hamper and make the network security weak are not outsiders. Due to the minute mistakes which a user makes in his or her day to day life, the network security is at stake. Hence, it is advised that these mistakes should be controlled by proper security measures so that the network security is not at risk.

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