Are Self Publishing Houses taking over Traditional Publishing Houses?

Are Self Publishing Houses taking over Traditional Publishing Houses?: The first and foremost step towards becoming a proclaimed author is to get your manuscript published. This is also the most critical part. Traditionally, an author had to bang on the doors of various publishing houses to get his/her book sanctioned. One of the culprits of this rejection process was the traditional publishing houses. But with progressing of time there is also a new type of publishing on the market that is making it easier for writers to sell their books. Let’s look at the changing methods and facilities of book publishing.

  • Traditional publishing houses: Even though traditional publishing houses come with certain advantages like the prestige, acclamation, and exposure of literary establishment that they are, there is also certain baggage. These houses tend to be conservative and critical when it comes to publishing contents. Most of the time they turn down the manuscripts proposed to them and even if they do approve, their batch of editors and designers make changes as their will. However, once the book is sold to a traditional house the author does not have to worry about the publishing production or marketing. They appoint their teams to do the same. The works are subjected to inadequate marketing and the authors to a limited royalty which is another drawback.
  • Self publishing houses: These types of publishing houses were created to facilitate the process of publishing for emerging authors. These are much accessible compared to the traditional ones and provide the writers with much creative control over their creations. With no one to interfere or contaminate their manuscripts, with the help of self publishing houses, the authors are able to publish their course content without any unwanted editing. Compared to traditional houses, the royalty percentage is also greater and so is the costing. As it is a developing prospect in the publishing industry, self-publishing tries to provide the clients with as many benefits and facilities as possible. As a result, they allow a longer ‘shelf-life’ to increase the chances of sell. Even though they slightly lag in marketing and distribution of the product but with increasing online marketing strategies this problem is also vanishing.

Thus, self-publishing makes a much better option for freshers in the literary industry. With better perspective and willingness to help, they provide their clients with convenience and satisfaction for a little extra expenditure. As the royalty and chance of profit is also high, authors are going to be willing to pay those extra bucks. All these factors are taking over the market pretty quickly and posing a possible threat to the traditional publishing houses. If they don’t keep up with time, then like every other backdated trend they might as well be replaced.

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