Secure Your Emotions First

Secure Your Emotions First: When we talk about various kinds of security such as enterprise security, financial security, cyber security, etc. one aspect we often omit is the basic security of our emotions. The key to ‘feel safe’ at the very fundamental level is to strengthen our emotions. Emotional stability is the basic requirement that helps a person stand up with confidence in the face of any difficulty. It is extremely essential to secure our emotions at home, at workplaces and in relationships.

As it is always believed that charity begins at home, the notion of self-security is largely influenced by atmospheres inside homes. Proper parenting is crucial in order to nurture children to make them capable of maintaining their emotional equilibrium. To be emotionally secure, one should have the right amount of control over numerous feelings within himself, be it a feeling of joy, anger, fear or despair. Happiness should be in prime focus and fear should be eliminated as far as possible. We should always be confident in our words and actions. We should be the best recognizers of our feelings, no matter how critical they are. We ourselves should be aware of the password to unlock our self-emotions.

Emotional assurance helps us perform better in our workplaces. Proper planning and knowledge about task are the key factors that influence emotional security at work. We should also be aware of the work culture ethics and the methods to maintain privacy of our deliverables, if required. There should always be an air of positivity from both the employees’ and the employers’ side. A pleasing nature will prompt cordiality and team spirit. Friendship and communion will automatically act to secure emotions. Failures should be seen as new opportunities to learn, and not as fears of being rejected or sacked. Emotionally secure employees work best at their workplaces.

An emotionally secure relationship is defined by a healthy emotional interdependence between one another. A child is most secure emotionally in the lap of the mother. The mother, too, derives her joy from the happiness of her baby. When it comes to couples, security is ensured when trust is unquestionable. Individual emotional security is essential to understand each other better, to boost the empathetic aspect.

It’s true that looks always do not matter. However, outward appearance has a great impact on our emotions. A clean and tidy appearance creates a good impression of oneself. Cleanliness rejuvenates our soul. We do not essentially need to look pretty or handsome, but be presentable in a civilized society. If we look good, we will automatically have confidence, which in turn will control our insecurities.

IQ helps one to score well in exams, but EQ ( emotional quota) helps to beat the stress related to exams. An emotionally secure person tends to be less egoistic. He can express his thoughts well without egoistic boundaries, and can also apologize when needed. Apology is not an easy task for an emotionally insecure person. He will be more concerned about how others will react to his faults, rather than his self clarity. Emotionally secure people are

positive and hence optimistic. They can calmly handle any hindrance that comes in their way. Thus, an emotionally secure person is strong, courageous and progressive minded. A person who is emotionally weak will panic in times of crisis. However, a person with emotional strength will keep calm and act smartly according to the situation.

Thus, along with all forms of security, it’s very essential to secure our emotions. A person who is internally tormented by creeping insecurities will never feel secure as a whole. Emotional security will make life easy. We will be able to accept and be accepted better. It will motivate us to take positive decisions, which in turn will influence our success. Negativity brings depression and anguish. There is no specific code to secure our emotions. All we need is a logical thought process and clarity in every step that we take. The lover of the harsh truth is emotionally more secure than someone who embraces the sweet lie. Thus, we should act logically sticking to what’s true, thus fortifying our inner confidence, and hence our emotions.

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