Scientists up the game with 10-petawatt Laser Vaporizing Matter

The Death Star 1PW laser launched in 2014 has been superseded by the new 10-Petawatt laser creation that has been successfully tested. With one tenth energy of the sun on earth, the laser is powerful enough to vaporize matter. The project was developed with a funding of €850 million from the Europeon Commission by the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project.

Romanian physicist tested the laser earlier in March which is the most powerful laser ever built. The concept of developing laser was born in mid 2000s by scientists in Europe under the ELI project and three countries that is, Romania, Hungary and Czech Republic became home to the project. Surpassing layman understanding the laser is ten times stronger. It is placed in a sealed chamber traversing through varied vacuum tubes with focusing lenses and resides in a town called Magurele which is at a distance from Bucharest. It is called Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics and is built for the study of photonuclear physics and its application.

The power to vaporize matter, the laser opens new doors for ideas and innovations. With a more practical approach ELI-NP will focus on developing medical research in proton cancer therapy and will also be operational in seeking new methods to handle radioactive waste. How heavy metals are formed and the effects of supernova are also some of the studies that the ELI-NP will be utilized for.

Taking care of power and accuracy the scientists securely operate the device with a help of a computer and track the readings. Technology is a masterpiece of the human brain and needless to say laser technology has reached not only the moon but way beyond.

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