Self-driven cars: The Pros and Cons

Self-driven cars: The Pros and Cons: The concept of autonomous or self-driven cars was once a piece of imagination. However automation has made it possible for human being to travel in a car which is driver-less. It can be understood that the entire process was not at all easy, and one cannot deny the extensive contribution of Google to develop the necessary software related to manufacturing and operation. If we consider the operation of these cars, it is obvious that the self-driven cars leverage out of the radars, sensors, as well as the GPS, connected to them to sense the environment and according to that, the navigator plays its role to ensure a safe and comfortable journey towards the destination. The most important feature of these cars is that the digital map which is present in these cars considers the sensor inputs, so that they can adapt to the changes occurring outside the car in order to travel in a proper direction.

A critical analysis of the service provided by the autonomous cars:

Before using a product, one should know about its pros and cons and based on the proportion, it needs to be decided whether to continue using or to reject the same. If we consider the pros and cons of the self-driven cars, we can get a better idea of its longevity. The pros and cons are given below in details:


  1. There will be lesser probabilities of accidents as the navigation and the sensory inputs will be accurate enough to perform a proper speed sensing.
  2. There will be well-coordinated traffic system due to lack of human interference, even in near future, the traffic system will get more technology dependent to evade congestion.
  3. These cars provide the travelers with a proper comfort zone and luxury which will include the involvement of refined methods of entertainment, sports and much more.


  1. This is a well-known fact that these cars will be expensive for the normal people to use.
  2. There are probabilities of the system getting hacked by hackers and through this process, they can manipulate the flow of journey to create a problem.
  3. The terrorist organizations can use these cars to create bomb blasts in various places.

This is a fact that there are several advantages related to self-driven cars, however, one cannot deny the demerits linked to it as well. It is an obvious fact that after the introduction of these cars, drivers will lose their jobs to efficient machines, which are not at all desirable. Thus, it is better to analyze the various perspectives before utilizing the product.

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