A Home Miles above Our Home Planet!

A Home Miles above Our Home Planet: Unless you are an age old cave man living in some remote undiscovered island on planet earth, in which case you would not be reading this anyway – you must have heard about the International Space Station or the ISS in short. However, in case you do not know what it is all about, the International Space Station is essentially a habitable environment that has been created way up in outer space. It is an artificial satellite that orbits the earth continuously, and hence maps the earth thoroughly among many other diverse roles and jobs.

Purpose: One of the main reasons why human beings continuously go to depths that they have never previously gone in their respective field sis because of their curiosity. The ISS was no exception. As a matter of fact, The main motive behind the establishment of the International Space Station was to conduct extensive research and get to know more about the earth than we had ever done. In case of exploration too – the International Space Station would help out a lot. Last but not the least the implications of this man made marvel would promote education and cultural outreach to an unprecedented extent.

Structure: The assembly and the structure of the station of the International Space Station would go on to be one of the most unique designs ever. It has many modules and components that were constantly being sent up into orbit in the years following its launch, the most important of which included Zarya, Unity, Zvezda, Destiny, Quest, Harmony, Columbus and so on and so forth. All these modules had been designed with specific function sets in mind. They were so efficient that it has been predicted that will safely last for at least more than a decade more with the existing components.

Operations and controls: Life support is one of its main operations, coupled with efficient thermal and power control so as to make communication with earth way more efficient and enable computers to work at their optimal range.

We down here on earth can never fully understand how important this International Space Station truly is until we get a glimpse into how much we come to know about the earth from this man made marvel. This artificial satellite orbits the earth in a low earth orbit and provides data that we would not have been able to receive otherwise. Operating continuously since 1998, the ISS is truly a wonder out of the world.

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