Kara Stewart: Boosting individual health with “genetically guided” supplementation

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It is safe to say that we live in a fast-paced and constantly evolving world today. Stress factors are at an all-time high with individuals across the world trying to keep up with the rapidly changing work, economic and social factors. Keeping up with such quick evolution, however, means that we often end up compromising on certain aspects of our personal lives; predominantly, our health and well-being.

Moreover, studies have demonstrated that the standard American diet comprises majorly of refined carbohydrates and sugars, and lacks essential vitamins and antioxidants. This leaves us deficient in many key nutrients needed to prevent chronic disease and to run the systems of our bodies effectively. To bridge this gap of deficiency, dietary supplements were introduced in the US in the 1940s and have been around ever since. Not only do supplements reduce chances of disease but they also ensure that the body is performing at optimum levels.

Soon thereafter though, the supplement market became one of regular disruption, with new players regularly coming up with their own untested and ineffective formulas. It became hard to differentiate the genuine supplementation organizations from the non-genuine ones, until now!

Enhancing and enriching people’s lives by creating custom-designed, professional-grade and genetically guided nutritional formulas is Neurobiologix Supplements of Austin, Texas. Established more than 13 years ago, and spearheaded by Co-founder and CEO, Kara Stewart, this company has revolutionized the industry by creating guided supplementation, geared specifically towards a person’s genetic make-up.

The Neurobiologix difference

Neurobiologix is known for its capability to create genetic designed and personalized supplements designed around an individual’s needs. These are created with the help of Nutrigenomic testing, which is done in-house at their facility in Austin. “Having a nutrigenomic lab assisted us in the design of the supplements so that they are superior in potency, purity, absorption, and are free of artificial ingredients, allergens, and toxins,” explains Kara.

The company was founded by the brother-sister duo of Kara and Kendal Stewart MD, with a mission to achieve supplementation excellence. They have engineered a range of supplements for their clients with a focus on increased physical performance, healthy immune systems, increased brain functionality, blood sugar control, and high energy levels.

“We can use a person’s genetic make up to decide what nutritional ingredients they need or what is more important is what they don’t need.”

While Kara is the CEO and face of the company, looking after marketing and sales, she is backed by the medical prowess of Dr. Kendal Stewart, who besides being a caring practitioner, is a scientist, a biochemist, and a researcher, known for treating extremely complex medical cases. “When he formulates a supplement, it is based on the specific combinations of therapeutic measurements of key nutrients,” explains Kara. Simply put, when you purchase supplements from Neurobiologix you can rest assured that only the finest ingredients have been incorporated.

Dr. Kendal Stewart – Chief Medical Officer and Lead Researcher

Dr. Stewart is the brain behind the operation, who after having treated thousands of patients; became abundantly clear that proper efficacious supplementation needs to be carefully crafted. His first successful genetic designed formula was designed to help a sensitive autistic patient with the neuro-immune syndrome. Upon seeing its success, Dr. Stewart decided to dedicate his entire life to creating personalized supplements to help people with all kinds of medical issues. Today, he has created more than 30 formulas catering to a wide variety of neurological and immunological needs.

“Genetic guided nutrition is what sets us apart from the competition and having Dr. Stewart’s clinical expertise and patient feedback has been a blessing in making formulas that really work for people having health issues.”

Dr. Kendal Stewart was an intensive surgeon and is certified in Otolaryngology, and has specialty training in Otology and Neurotology commonly known as skull-base surgery. He is known in the medical industry for encouraging all physicians to familiarize themselves with the biochemical pathways and to objectively validate the need for specific supplementation and vitamin therapy in individual patients.  His decision to leave his surgery duties behind and to begin a path of healing patients instead of cutting was not an easy decision but today he is known by his colleagues and patients as a pioneer in the nutrigenomic and nutritional supplement fields.

The supplements made by him have received reverence from the medical community and the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Furthermore, the Neurobiologix manufacturing facility is FDA certified inferring that Dr. Stewart and his associates meet the highest quality and production standards of today’s marketplace.

Creating a ‘fit’ company

A few years ago, Kara decided to leave her marketing job at the Red Bull. Not only did she want to work for herself, but also desired to make a substantial difference to individual health, and with a small initial investment of 10,000 USD, Kara set forth. She created the company’s website, designed labels for the products, made some brochures, and has never looked back since. “I went to many mom support groups, medical meetings and hosted many events for doctors and parents who wanted to learn more from Dr. Stewart,” says Kara

Having functioned in a high-stress marketing/sales environment all her life, Kara was well-versed in direct and digital marketing strategies. She assembled her company, one person at a time with employees that were outgoing and innovative. “I did a lot of the marketing campaigns and initiatives myself and hired someone to run the operations,” says she. She always encourages her team members, even the non-marketing ones, to share their thoughts and ideas. “To encourage creative thinking, I will say to my team “bring one or all your ideas”,” states Kara.    

“My determination and concern for the success of other women have been one of the main driving factors to creating a well-balanced company culture.”

Riding the new-world digital wave, Kara shares that, “we have a great software platform where all team members, in-office or remote, can follow the progression of a new product release, hosting events, tracking digital campaigns and events we are or are planning on running.” The company, under her watchful eye, is known to go above and beyond when it comes to customer outreach and service. Regular campaigns and digital initiatives keep Neurobiologix ahead in the digital game while the customer service teams ensure that each call is answered, and each email is replied to.

Overcoming obstacles and staying ahead

“From my own experiences, climbing the company hierarchy was no easy task,” says Kara, who today, is a well-respected and looked up to industry leader. Being a woman in business, she has dealt with her fair share of prejudices but managed to move up the ladder by staying focused on her mission and job. “I think being a woman in my industry helps because you have to be super organized and [I] love boxing products up! If a customer receives a messy package it’s not good so being a woman with a little OCD doesn’t hurt,” she says jokingly. Ultimately, she is deeply entrenched in running a successful company and staying ahead of the curve. The pandemic gave Kara the chance to slow down and ‘smell the roses’, who would otherwise barely take a vacation day.

A triumphant entrepreneur, Kara derives her inspiration from her father who was a physician himself. Although his profession always kept him busy, he made sure to take out time for his family, something Kara promptly follows. During her free time, she loves to be with her husband, binge watching shows, or host dinner parties by the water. She likes to spend time hosting her podcast with her brother “Coffee With Dr. Stewart” and in nature, bird watching, and observing the beauty around her. 

“Just sitting and thinking is so essential in running a business and being the leader, you need to be.”

Looking ahead, Kara and Dr. Stewart, continue to re-define the supplementation market by creating authentic formulas designed to show results, and as a role model to entrepreneurs across the world, she says, “You don’t know what you don’t know so keep on asking and work with joy if you can. Life is short so do what makes you feel good inside at the end of the day. Do what brings you joy.”

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