How will Artificial Intelligence Affect Astronomy?

AI Acting as a new tool:

Artificial Intelligence is perhaps one of the biggest discoveries in this era. Through this innovation, one can guess the capability of human beings who finally achieved to let machines possess a separate intelligence. This is an obvious fact that Artificial Intelligence is used in various domains of application in these days, and scientists are planning to utilize this tool more effectively to unleash the unknown.

If the question of revealing the unknown is the matter of concern, what can be a better option than our Universe? The universe is such a domain which may take a longer time to reveal its nature, yet there will be something unknown about it. There have been subsequent discoveries with respect to the universe in the past few years, however, scientists, as well as the astronomers, have now decided that they will focus more towards the proper implementation of Artificial Intelligence to find out unknown facts about the universe.

What made the astronomers reach such a conclusion?

There have been several incidents due to which the astronomers and scientists have decided to choose AI as their primary tool. For example, in the recent years, a few scientists planned to experiment with the modifications in machine-learning and after a sufficient amount of research, they could develop a system with the neural networks which will help in enhancing the blurry images which are received from the space through satellites or other resources. Thus through this tool, one can detect previously ignored important information extracted from the space.

To discover the unknown parts of the universe, gravitational lenses are considered to be an important resource, this is a fact that this phenomenon is a natural one which was discovered in both intentional as well as unintentional ways. Several scientists have revealed that they have plans to use Artificial Intelligence as a tool to excavate more information about the effectiveness of these gravitational lenses. This is a fact that the neural networks can work at a more faster rate and proper monitoring can lead to satisfactory results within a shorter time period.

Another fact states that information about a specific planet was discovered due to the contribution of AI which was previously ignored. This new planet was found in a solar system around the Kepler 90 which was discovered in the year 2014, however, no one was able to know about the existence of this planet, which is now possible.

This is evident that Artificial Intelligence will provide Astronomy with better options to map the universe so that important and relevant information can be found out regarding the same. It is expected that with the application of AI, in the near future, there will be more transparency about the universe from every aspect.

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