8 Ways How AI Will Soon Impact Education Process

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Less than a decade ago, commercial application of Artificial Intelligence seemed like a farfetched idea and we could only assume its role in future society. Nowadays, we have AI running search engines, business operations, electric vehicles, and various other software solutions that we use in our daily lives. However, the potential of AI goes beyond commercial and business use, its implementation in education offers numerous ways in which we could enhance how we obtain and process knowledge. Here are a few ways in which AI will soon change the global education.

Personalized learning process

Each of us learns in our way, at our own pace and according to our sphere of interest. This makes the transfer of knowledge difficult for teachers as they need to dedicate enough time for every student to make sure the entire class is ready to move forward. AI can help in the creation of a personalized learning experience that considers each student’s potential and interests, as well as strengths and weaknesses. 

Career path analysis

AI systems can analyze a wide array of data from versatile sources and help students choose the best university, school or courses. Humans often make decisions based on their emotions or outside influences, however, AI can process the entire academic history of each student and provide an information-based answer for the future education path.

Performing menial tasks instead of teachers

For a while now, students widely use AI-driven assignment helper apps to enhance their writing and proofread their writing. In the future, teachers will no longer have to spend time reviewing homework or essays, as AI software might act as an essay reviewer, allowing teachers to focus more on improving their classes.

Predicting academic future

Every year academic institutions plan their budget needs according to predictions made by human analysts. The implementation of AI would allow the prediction of each student’s academic future and allow institutions to carefully plan their budgets. This way, the government would have an insight into the number of students that will go to college or high school as well as which academic fields require the most investment.

Collaborative learning experience

Artificial Intelligence can analyze each student’s performance, personal traits, and skills to pair up those who would benefit the most from the collaborative learning experience. That way, group efforts would provide better academic results, and help each participant improve their level of knowledge in the most efficient manner.

AI tutors

Since higher education is now available to an increasing number of young people all over the world, there is a need to reduce the pressure this trend is placing on teachers. AI tutors would allow students to get as much as it’s possible from each curriculum thanks to an AI-software that would track that student’s performance, curriculum, and teacher input. This way, the learning process could extend beyond the classroom.

 Smart Schools

The IoT helps to put together multiple together and plan their use more effectively. With AI controlling the heating, power consumption, and security, each school will be able to control expenses. This way, academic institutions will be able to use the money they saved on the improvement of their teaching system, infrastructure, or even cut down tuition costs. 

Customized learning material

Depending on the syllabus, AI-driven software will be able to scan the entire internet and come up with fresh learning material that will help the students acquire actual information regarding each subject. Furthermore, the system would be able to develop personalized quizzes and tests for students and grade them in real-time.


These are just some of how AI could change the face of the world’s education system. The possibilities for the implementation of AI in any aspect of our lives, including education are virtually unlimited. It’s up to us, as humans, to make the best of the technology we have in front of us and use it to grow as a community.


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