Summer | 2020

The 10 Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Businesses in 2020

Editor’s Corner

 Artificial Intelligence is nothing, but the intellect of humans creatively put together to bring out an efficient result that can optimize regular operations. AI has superseded human intelligence and has proven to be more coherent and systematic. Today, there are numerous AI companies who have leveraged the power of technology and innovation and have enhanced the scope of digital transformation.

In appreciation of the remarkable contribution by these industry leaders, Beyond Exclamation has dedicated this issue titled, “The 10 Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Businesses in 2020”, to them. Featuring as the cover story is the success journey of Frasil Group, who create technologies for people living with disabilities. Founded and headed by Fran Killoway, Frasil helps people living with disabilities communicate and interact with today’s modern digital world by engaging them with a new sense of fulfillment and belonging, promoting a more inclusive and less isolated world.

The issue also covers the journey of leading AI companies who have creatively changed the dimension of technology. Inclusive are the insights shared by industry experts like Tom Salvat Founder and CEO of CONCURED, Toby Ruckert Founder and CEO of UIB, Helen Kovalenko Data Science Project Manager of SPD-Group, Mark Stephen Meadows Founder and CEO of Botanic Technologies Inc., and Oliver Mitchell, Venture Partner at ffVC. Beyond Exclamation is honored to feature the awe-inspiring story of the leading artificial intelligence companies who have redefined the future of technology.

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