Spring | 2021

The 10 Inspiring Women Changing The America's Food Industry, 2021

Editor’s Corner
The new era for business is being built from reused shards of the glass ceiling. It’s a welcoming space for businesswomen and women entrepreneurs, where coordinated effort, consensus and diversity rule. A lot of it is virtual, as an ever-increasing number of women opt to do busines digitally. The quantity of female owners and entrepreneurs has expanded drastically as of late, and the effect of organizations
with women in charge is critical as far as incomes and employing. Modern women business visionaries lead from feminine qualities like effective networking, sympathy and a comprehensive, all encompassing mentality to wrestle with issues as universal as the fate of Earth and as close to home as the everyday challenges of being a women.

In this edition on influential women in food industry, titled, “The 10 Inspiring Women Changing The America’s Food Industry, 2021” we are presenting successful women from food industry who believe in inspiring others and leading them to better heights. On the cover story of our edition, we have Samantha Rincione, CEO, CRAVE Franchising LLC. Samantha has been an integral force in the franchising sector for many years. Samantha was the founder of Emerging Franchises, a franchise development firm, which developed and built franchise companies from the ground up, specializing in emerging brands. Emerging Franchises was responsible for creating franchise operations systems and growing brands from one and in some cases hundreds of units.

Samantha was also previously the largest Multi-Unit Franchisee with Red Mango, Smoothie Factory and Red Mango Café, owning and operating 10 stores on Long Island, NY. During her tenure as a multi-unit franchisee, Samantha’s stores were utilized as a corporate training stores and for Discovery Day’s, for potential franchisees. Samantha has been recognized for her outstanding operations which ultimately led to multiple franchised units sold within the Red Mango Franchise Network.

Apart from the cover story, we have Laure Lemboumba, CEO, GOLDEN MADE KAFÉ; Joyce Zhu, CEO, Numa Foods; Nancy Goldstein, Owner, Budibar; Julie Camardo, CEO, Zweigle’s Inc; Stephanie Stuckey, CEO, Stuckey’s Corporation; Renee Bemis, CEO, Driftless Glen Distillery; Lori O’Brien, CEO, DaddyO’s Ice Cream,LLC; Meredith Cochran, CEO, The Osso Good Co and Laura Rea Dickey, CEO, DICKEY’S BARBECUE RESTAURANTS, INC.

Without further ado, let’s begin already. Happy reading!
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