Some Weirdest Yet Delicious Foods In The World

Travelling has always been a roller-coaster ride for people around the globe. While some destinations give you some great experiences, some others welcome you with hostility and introduce you to some bitter and harsh realities that you might not wish to experience twice. But whatever it may be, the best thing about traveling is that you get to explore new things. And when it comes to exploring, food is something that you cannot afford to miss. Perhaps, it’s the best way to learn more about a place and its culture, for it is the cuisine that tells a more detailed story of a particular area.

However, there’s more to exploring new food. All such food might not always complement your taste buds. Although you might be highly excited to taste the exotic delicacies of a place, the food may ruin your entire excitement in the first place. Why? Because it might seem to be bizarre for you. However, it’s not that the food is tasteless. Some foods are delicious, not just to the native people but also for the outsiders like you.

So, let’s check out some weirdest yet delicious foods in the world and dig more into them to understand these foods better until we try them.

1. Fried Tarantulas

Woo!! Beware arachnophobes! This is not the right pick for you. But for all others, this fried ‘eight-legged’ delicacy is surely going to satiate your hunger pangs. The fried giant tarantula is crispy from outside, having a gooey texture inside, and the delicious flavor is more like a chicken. The whole body, including the legs and fangs, is fried in this dish.

It is a typical Cambodian delicacy that is sold by the street vendors in Skuon, Cambodia. During the brutal Khmer Rouge rule, the starving Cambodians first discovered that a tarantula is edible. Since then, it became the survival food for these people and a renowned delicacy for the tourists or travelers to Cambodia.

According to sources, the black hairy arachnids found in the jungle encircling the market town of Skuon have brought great fame and fortune in the region.  It is because it is this delicious  ‘fried tarantula’ delicacy that makes people stop at Skuon to taste a bit of this exotic dish. The tarantula seems to be exceptionally delicious when plucked straight from the burrow and pan-fried with a dash of salt and garlic.

2. Haggis

Haggis – a name you have hardly uttered in a lifetime or so, and eating it has never been on your cards for sure. The funny part is you might not even know if it’s at all an edible thing. But yes, it is. Haggis is considered to be a national delicacy of Scotland. It includes a mixture of sheep’s heart, liver, lungs, oatmeal, onion, spices, and stock. This exotic delicacy dates back to the 1400s when traditionally, everything was stuffed into a sheep’s stomach and simmered.

People in Scotland typically consume this dish with tatties and neeps. No, that’s not something weird. It’s our very own ‘mashed potatoes’ and ‘turnips.’ Haggis tastes best when combined with Scotch or Whiskey to get the real flavor in. Besides being superbly delicious, this delicacy is rich in nutrients like iron and fiber. 

3. San-nakji

Are you having trouble pronouncing? Well, you have another option. Speak out ‘Live Octopus’ and get it served on your table. Where? Right in South Korea. Before you get confused, let me assure you once. Yes, I am talking about live octopus. It is a typical South Korean delicacy wherein you get fresh & raw octopus served with sesame oil splash. It can be eaten either whole or in pieces depending upon its size. I am stressing the word ‘live’ because it indeed is so, and you can even ensure it by looking at its moving tentacles while it is served on a plate. It’s clean, fresh, and delicious to the South Koreans.

4. Fried Brain Sandwiches

All of us have tasted sandwiches in some way or the other. But have you ever wondered how a brain sandwich might taste? Well, if you ever visit the Ohio River Valley in the USA, you will probably find this on the menu. The sandwiches are made from sliced calves or pig brains that are heavily battered and deep-fried. Typically served with mustard and pickled onions, these delicious sandwiches are high on calories.

Although the brains inside have a mild taste with a custard texture, the sandwiches taste extremely delicious and flavorful because of the heavy batter.

Now you get to know that unusual foods can be delicious as well. So the next time you go out to explore the world, do give such innovative dishes a try as you never know what yumminess that waits for you.

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