Easy remedies to prepare a tasty mug cake

There is nothing better than warming up by the fireplace with a warm mug cake of a delicious dessert.  These mug cakes are cooked as well as enjoyed right from the mug itself. From Nutella, Red Velvet, the Black Forest to Caramel Apple, each of these delicious cupcakes are ready within one minute or less in a microwave oven.

Make sure to eat them soon after they are made in the oven, as these are not designed to be made in advance. Some of the cakes own a rubbery texture. This unfortunate texture arises either from overcooking the cake or from using too much oil than required. Almond oil is best for mug cakes preparation. However, you can also use milk or other milk alternatives.

How to make a mug cake in a microwave oven ( eggless )?

The cake is amazing stuff to celebrate special events like birthdates. However, making a cake can be a hassle! So on those special nights, when we don’t feel like baking a full-sized cake, we can easily opt for a personal sized mug cake! Since it’s made in the microwave, it is not only super-fast, but you also get an instant delicious dessert without heating the entire house.

 So it’s a perfect remedy for the summertime!

Ingredients needed;

●       Flour

●       Baking powder

●       Salt

●       Milk

●       Butter

●       Vanilla essence

●       Some sprinkles

Steps to Prepare the cake;

●       First, take flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt in a mug and stir them together to form a mixture.

●       Add milk to this mixture and mix them properly until it acquires a smooth texture.

●       Add melted butter and vanilla essence to this mixture and stir them well.

●       Remember to scrape the bottom of the mug.

●       Put the mug in the microwave and set the timer for 70-90 seconds.

Cook it until the cake is barely shiny on the top. Sprinkle the toppings, and it is ready to be served.

Microwave mug cakes are not that much good as the real cakes.  However, there are some advantages of making them. You can prepare them in a small duration of time to satisfy an emergency homemade treat craving without an oven.

How to prepare a mug cake without a microwave oven (eggless)?

Cake recipes have become one of the popular choices as desserts, especially for the younger generations who prefer to have something quick, delicious, and small. This recipe is an extension to the microwave mug cake recipe, which takes just 2 minutes to get prepared. However, it may take more than two minutes. It is especially for the people who do not own a microwave oven or a baking oven but want to relish a tasty cake at the comfort of their homes. The extra time taken in the preheat and baking process in the pressure cooker. However, you would be satisfied and pleased with the result. There is no noticeable difference between this cake and cakes made with a microwave oven or other traditional baking ovens.

Ingredients needed;

For the cake batter

●       6 tbsp. Maida/ plain flour

●       3 tbsp. cocoa powder

●       3 tbsp. sugar

●       ¼ tbsp. baking soda

●       Pinch salt

●       6 tbsp. milk

●       3 tbsp. Oil

●       ½ tbsp. vanilla extract

●       2 tbsp. chocolate chip

For baking in a cooker, you especially need 1½ cup of sand or salt.

Steps to make;

●       First, add 1½  cup of sand or slat to the cooker.

●       To preheat the cooked, close the lid without keeping the gasket and whistle. Let the sand or salt heat for about 10 minutes.

●       Take a small mug of your choice, and then add Maida and cocoa powder. Mix well.

●       Add sugar, baking soda, and pinch salt to this mixture. Stir the ingredients well to make sure that they are well combined.

●       Then add a mixture of milk, oil, and vanilla essence to it.

●       Add milk to form a smooth lump-free batter.

●       Sprinkle chocolate chip over the cake batter.

●       Keep the mug in the preheated cooker and cover the lid.

●       Bake for about 20 minutes. Insert a toothpick into the cake to check if it has baked completely.

●       Finally, garnish with chocolate sauce and enjoy your hot chocolate mug cake. The cake may turn hard and lose its moisture as it gets cold, so it is recommended to serve it after it is baked immediately.

These steps can be followed to prepare a simple chocolate flavored cake. The same steps and ingredients can be used to make other flavored cake too. If you want, add egg along with butter and vanilla essence.

These mug cakes are incredibly easy to make with a few simple ingredients and made right in the microwave oven, pressure cooker, or traditional ovens. They are perfect for a delicious and tasty dessert!


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