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Technology has made a revolutionary impact on the world today. It has made life easier, convenient and given us access to the virtual world of gadgets at the click of a button. Digitization, automation, artificial intelligence, IoT, robotization and many more are the spectacular products of technology. Taking a leap in technology with advanced methods is robotization today. The application of robotic systems has culminated businesses into fast-paced, developing and revolutionizing entities. With a view to explore this masterpiece of technology, Penguin Automated System Inc (ASI), has raised the bar with their innovative and creative operations of robotic systems. Under the resourceful leadership of Dr. Greg Baiden, Penguin develops tele-autonomous robotic technologies, that comprises of telecommunication systems and equipment, sensory systems and equipment, computer systems, computer software and actuation systems which enable the development of robotic solutions for the mining industry and other industries. As we share the success story of Penguin ASI, we are certain that their path-breaking influence in robotics will surely pave the way for a new creative thinking in technology.

The Seed of Success

Penguin was seeded through two events.  Dr. Baiden’s leadership in the development of robotic mining systems at Inco Limited in the 1990’s.  Subsequently, Dr. Baiden was awarded a senior Canadian Research Chair post that continued to focus on mobile robotics for underground mining production technology and expanded the focus to other robotics area such as Search & Rescue, Underwater, Space and others.

Penguin was named due to a story: As the story goes a group of penguins in Australia feed every day and a night the come back to their nests.  In doing this return a first brave penguin starts the march then he/she is gradually joined by 2 and then 4 more until many penguins are marching across the beach.  As they get closer to the half point the penguins at the back get scared for the potential of having wild dogs eat them. By the time the mid-point of the beach is reached only the penguin that started the march is left.  At that point the penguin decides to go to the nest or back to the safety of the water.  This happens two or three times until one penguin goes to the nest.  At that point all the penguins follow because they realize it safe.  My partner used this to describe how new technology gets implemented in the mining industry.  Thus, they took the name Penguin as they were taking a leadership role in the implementation of new robotics technology.

The Growth and Services of Penguin ASI

Penguin specializes in providing high capacity wireless networking, positioning systems for both GPS and GPS denied environments, software control systems for mobile robots and specialized mobile robots.  They also provide strategic planning for mining companies wanting to implement robotic mining solutions.  These offerings cover terrestrial, underground, undersea and space mining.  In fact Penguin owns a part of a new space mining company called “MoonRise Inc.” Penguin has been on this journey now for 18 years through many clients inside and out of the mining business. 

They are very proud of their mapping droids, rock blockage removal robot and cooperative robotic explosives removal system they have developed for their clients.  Their mapping droids have worked in mines mapping up to 50 miles of continues tunnel creating high resolution (geospatially accurate to within 2cm) maps.  Their rock blockage removal system is essentially a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) mobile robot.  This next generation robot ensures accurate placement of explosives for rock clearing.  Penguin explosives removal system consisted of three robots to cooperatively be operated several miles away for potentially dangerous environments that could explode at any moment.  This is the first large scale cooperative robotic system implemented.

The Highlights of Their Successful Journey

Penguin’s biggest challenge came during the cooperative robotics project.  It required the building of three large scale robots from scratch in 12 weeks.  Once in the field, they needed to work at the top of a mountain trying to assess and dismantle 600 blastholes containing 300,000 kg of explosives and detonators.  This was a massive undertaking in an extremely tight timeframe. In terms of other highlights, they have managed to:

  • develop Optical Communications systems capable of working wirelessly underwater and in open daylight at 100’s of Mb/s that are soon to be Gb/s. 
  • created a sub-surface positioning system that works with the accuracy of surface GPS systems
  • built and patented cooperative robot systems at an industrial scale.

Roadblocks have only been the slow cultural adoption of robotics in the mining industry.

The Distinctive Qualities of Success

Penguin has several patented technologies that separate it from the crowd.  These include:

  • Optical wireless networking technology
  • Specialized positioning for GPS denied environments
  • Several Robot Systems
  • And control software.

These systems are vast mining and robotics experience allows Penguin to grow in mining and other fields. Penguin is leading the charge in implementing the fully robotic mine. The work is about creating the equivalent to the automated automobile manufacturing plant.  This requires the integration of advanced networking, positioning in non-GPS environments and the specialized robots and control systems for cooperative robots.  Penguin has amassed a fleet of robots for mining.

Dr. Greg Baiden is the expert who has remarkably guided the team of Penguin ASI on the path of success. “My background is the former head of mining R&D for a large mining company.  During that time, I was responsible for a $300 million research effort that included robot developments and a pilot mine to implement the work.  I have carried this work on through my Canadian Research Chair at the university and the starting and operation of Penguin Automated Systems Inc.”, says, Dr. Greg Baiden, CEO of Penguin ASI.

The Futuristic Years of Success

Robotics in the mining business is just starting to impact the mining world. As the high bandwidth networks like their Optical Networking modems and specialized GPS-denied positioning start widespread implementation and mining culture evolves to this new norm mineral production and safety will be dramatically enhanced. As Penguin continues to work with private space companies like MoonRise and NASA the technology will continue to grow in its implementation. Penguin works hard to provide solutions for their customers though concept studies to ensure the needs of the client are meet.  From their concept study they design, build and implement the solution for the clients.  This process ensures they can provide the most innovative solution while working with the customer to development exactly what’s needed. Penguin is expanding its markets by moving into robots for agriculture, sewer assessment, road quality assessment, Search & Rescue and others.  Penguin will continue to focus on mobile robotic solutions for many different sectors and expand into new mining fields such as undersea and space.

Penguin ASI is hearing up for great heights with a skilled team and an excellent leadership. As they move ahead in their journey, they will certainly transform the future of technology with their unique and effective ideas of robotic systems.


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