Need for smart energy savers and alternative power sources

Change in lifestyle has created a huge demand for electricity and alternative power sources. The need for advanced technologies has put undue pressure on energy sector that is struggling to generate power for basic needs energy savers.

Globally, establishments and domestic users are looking for saving energy in terms of power consumption. This has become imperative due to increasing electricity bills which is causing a dent in a common man’s pocket. However, what are energy savers and do they really work? It is important to have an understanding of how these devices work when put to use.

Energy savers reduce the power utilization when connected to the power socket. They could be of great help as the electricity that comes to our homes is not stable. Time switches can balance the load in commercial and residential complexes by switching automatically based on real time situations.

Nowadays, Markets are filled with these type of energy saver devices that claim to reduce power consumption and minimize power bills.

Incandescent bulbs are replaced with LEDs, sensors being placed in companies that turn off the lights automatically when people move away from the place, trip systems, energy consumption meters, etc. Most of these devices do work when used properly.

Many appliances in homes consume power even when not in use. Chargers, desktops, televisions, microwave ovens to name a few. In such cases, installing smart strips can be of great help in saving power that will turn of power automatically when not being used.

One has to choose and invest consciously in energy saving devices that suits their homes or appliances. Many of these depend on how an individual uses them and to what extent. Fewenergy saver devices work by reducing the power consumption directly and few depend on power factor correct for cooling or heating systems. Couple of otherenergy saver devices in the market provide information or highlight on those appliances that are consuming more energy. This helps us to identify thoseand action accordingly to control the usage.Thermostat is one moreenergy saver device which greatly reduce power consumption if put to use in a proper way. Adjusting the temperaturewhen not in home or asleep would cut down on cooling and heating bills. MCB changeovers and Automatic Changeoverby Havells provide solutions to overcome the downtime, manual error, accidents, damage to expensive appliances, etc. They are found to be user friendly that have efficient power distribution management tools. Time switches add to the list ofenergy saver devices that can reducepower consumption by minimizing switching time.With all the technological advancements in the field of energy savers and efficient devices, the onus lies on individuals to be aware and get educated about the benefits of using them optimally.

There should be a conscious use of resources that are limited and non-renewable. One can look at natural energy options like solar and windenergy. Though considerable efforts are underwayby governments to promote solar energy as an alternative option, there is stillresistance for this change. This is due to lack of awareness and accessibility of theseof companies that manufacture these devices. There is a long way to, but with consistentefforts, we can be truly energy efficient if these natural energy saving optionsare promoted in a big way.

The conclusion would be that consumer has to invest in devices that help in reducing electricity usage and also look into renewable options that can have long term benefits interms of saving and environment as well.


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