Artificial Intelligence making machines behave like humans

The actual purpose of Artificial intelligence is to create human-like learning abilities inside a machine. It is a process of installing a humanistic language into software that can respond to stimulus in the same way as human beings do.

In simple terms, artificial intelligence means creating an unnatural mind using technological tools that can think, judge, react like a human. AI has the proficiency to mimic decision-making ability similar to intellectual beings. The response given by AI will not let anyone believe like taking to a gadget.

Idea of Artificial Intelligence

AI comes into assistance after going through sufficient research on human behavior and thoughts. Successful results came out when programmers find a way to link specialized programs with natural human behavior. For example, if we ask a normal human being to introduce himself. He can quickly tell his name, place, age, profession, etc. Looking into this parameter, programmers also adjust specific data inside a machine so that the gadget relates itself to the asked question and gives output identical like human beings. The more a device can connect things with human behavior, the more intelligent it will be in providing correct answers to the asked questions.

How does Artificial Intelligence work:-

The functioning of AI depends upon the combination of large data files, processing units, and intellectual algorithms. All these are implemented inside an AI by using advanced hardware processors and software units. The programs inside an AI automatically builds connections after getting input data and delivers an outcome same as humans. The response of their Intelligence depends on the type of processors used to make the system. Programmers need to focus on neural networks, Cognitive computing, Natural language processing for establishing data transfer connection like a brain.

Types of artificial intelligence:-

AI also has other categories looking into the way functioning and ability to do the task. Some of the classes are the following:-

1. Narrow AI: These types of AI are very specific in doing tasks. They are designed to perform only a particular task like self-driving cars, image recognition, Google assistant, Siri, etc. The performance of Narrow AI is very limited. But still, their accuracy of doing work is very satisfactory. The application of Narrow AI is wider in manufacturing units. Companies hire developers for making intellectual AI for performing task in an accurate manner.

2. General Intelligence: Another term for General intelligence is STRONG AI. It can perform work the same as humans. These types of AI can clean floors, deliver foods to the table, recognize the name of a person, etc. They are very well at giving satisfactory answers to humans. People love talking to them because of their polite behavior in front of humans. Maximum robots constructed using AGI techniques have unbelievable accuracy in finding data.

Abilities of Artificial intelligence

The capabilities of Artificial intelligence have given unexpected results. Some of the possible abilities of AI are the following:-

• Quick Response: The processing units inside AI works by voice recognition techniques. So, they give replies in a fraction of seconds after detecting the provided data.

• Give personal views: Artificial Intelligence can think the same as human beings. So, they can give suggestions about any product or information to maintain proper interaction with humans.

• Decline impossible results: Humans can’t do everything. Some questions still exist whose answer can’t assume to be correct. To deal with such problems, it declines the referendum and say No to it. For example, Asking an AI to fly in the sky is probably an impossible task. So, they politely refuse to perform such task.

• Detects visual and voices: This feature of AI has broader applications in many fields of science. Nowadays, artificial voice and face locker has come to make the unlocking task very simple. Google Assistant and Siri like AI are available for Android and iOs devices for answering chit-chats.


The development of AI gives hope to do impossible in the upcoming future. So far, technology is not reached to the level of creating an advanced artificial brain. But, somehow this task seems to be possible after some decades. Till now, Humans have restricted the thinking level of AI for safety. But, soon, all these barriers will come to an end once humans learn to deal with the consequence of Artificial intelligence.

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