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Ubertesters is the leading global provider of a cloud-based, process management tool for mobile applications beta testing to ensure an accurate, fast and cost effective mobile testing process that results in high quality, flawless, mobile app. The platform offers a complete, end-to-end, software testing solution for digital products to help organizations beta test their digital products prior to launching it. The holistic solution includes: (1) a SaaS product – a robust platform to manage the entire mobile beta testing process and teams; (2) a crowd testing service of global, professional testers for hire with devices for most flexible and cost effective global testing under real-life conditions; and (3) offshore outsourcing services of QA experts o full time basis based in the company’s East European facilities. Thus, any organization in a need for beta testing can find the right solution with Ubertesters to help them launch their product with confidence. The frustration that paved the foundation Ran Rachlin, co-founder and CEO, started the company back in 2013 along with Alexey Chalimov, co-founder and CTO, following a true need for a different type of software testing that Ran had in his previous company. There was a mobile app that needed to be launched, but there was a true lack of proper testing tools and resources (enough testers and enough devices) to test the product prior to launching it. As a result of this frustration and the feeling that there are not good enough solutions to help companies launch better a global digital product – Ubertesters was born.  “In my old company we developed a mobile app and needed global testers with devices to test for us with different devices, different languages and carriers and could not find a flexible, affordable solution. So we came up with the concept of “Crowd testing” – a large community of global freelance testers that are ready to test any product for the client and provide a list of bugs. The beauty of it was that the tester can do the testing during his/her free time and make extra money while testing,” Ran recalls. The challenges only made the belief stronger The journey was full of challenges, just like any new startup. Ran and the team had to compete with one industry giant and had to provide unique value proposition and beat the competition. However, the team overcame the challenges and today helps hundreds of organizations from around the world to beta test their digital products. Some of Ubertesters’ clients include Bosch, JCPenny, Zalando, Akamai, 888 Casino, AppsFlyer, Taboola, GE Capital (Synchrony financial), GE Digital, NetEase, MyHeritage, and many others. The main challenge for Ran was to build a large community of global QA experts that fit the profile and are willing to test during their free time for extra money. The entire business model was based on having enough certified global testers that can scale the client’s QA team in the fastest, most flexible, efficient and cost effective manner. Ubertesters now has over 30,000 such global testers in its community that can start testing within few hours and provide the client with list of critical bugs. In order to recruit these testers, Ran used many creative methods, particularly using the power of the social media and a rewarding “referral program”. The company also attracted more testers initially by offering them special bonuses for good results (great bug reports). Further, a strong internal team of “in-house community managers” was recruited to help recruit and maintain those testers. The great mix of recruitment strategies, together with a strong team of community managers helped Ubertesters to build the large community of testers. A seasoned front-runner leading the pack Ran Rachlin has massive global experience, managing and leading new initiatives from inception to implementation and significant sales as well as managing large global organizations in different countries.  Before starting Ubertesters, Ran held several high-profile management roles in General Engineers (The Israeli distributor of GE), Mul-T-Lock, and Silicom Inc (NASDAQ: SILC). Ran also holds a MBA degree with honors. Ran brings to the company his experience in management and business development and acts as a mentor to the team on their way to success. Ran is a speaker in several industry events and is known for his unique view of the QA and testing world. Being unique is at the core As per Ran, Ubertesters’ main differentiation factor is its superb customer service and support. “We are part of a very “sensitive” phase of our client’s product launch process. We test our client’s product before they launch it. So, if my client needs to launch a product on Monday morning, then my team will work the entire weekend to make sure we test it well globally and that the client can launch a ‘bug-free’ product,” Ran shares. The second differentiation factor is the company’s flexible and cost effective business model. The platform offers a way to scale the client’s software testing and allow them to test globally, in real-life conditions, with real people, using real devices and all within 48 hours and they can do it with a short term engagement that does not require annual retainer (like all competitors) or high costs. Lastly, Ubertesters is the only company to offer a complete holistic QA testing solution for the entire development cycle (from the early stages of engineering to the product launch). The solution addresses both pains that digital development companies face: Resources (crowd of global testers on demand or offshore outsourcing of QA experts) and Tools (a robust platform to manage the entire mobile testing process and internal QA teams. Contrary to Ubertesters, the competition either offer a crowd of testers (such as Applause and TestBirds) OR set of some of the tools (TestFlight, HockeyApp, Crashlytics) that include crash reports and build distribution only. Continuing to grow through creativity, invention and innovation Going ahead, Ubertesters will continue to grow through creativity, invention and innovation. “We will continue to put the ‘voice of the customer’ in the center, listen to our customer’s needs and add new exciting features to our QA management platform. In addition, we will continue to enlarge our community of global QA testers to allow our crowd testing services to serve clients all around the world while making sure our testers can earn money in their free time. In terms of specific future feature – we will add the ability to conduct load testing by year end,” Ran asserts on the future of Ubertesters. Ran concludes with a quote that summarizes what the company does, “We help our clients sleep better knowing they can launch their digital product with confidence, convinced it was well tested by real users, in their actual target market and it’s bug-free.”
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