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With the high spirit to help others with good healthcare facilities, Louise Hampton, Doctor of Chiropractic and Owner of Attend2Health, is steering her business in the right direction. Being able to help as many people as possible in the local community and providing employment to others were two strong motivators of Louise’s life. She adds, “When I was 15, I went to watch a Chiropractor working, and I was impressed by the results she was getting and how happy all her patients were.  I thought to myself, ‘I want to do that!’”

Ladder to success

She completed her schooling from Presdales school in 1999 and decided to become a chiropractor. Later, she graduated as a chiropractor from The University of Glamorgan in 2004. Then, she increased her knowledge base and skill set.

After this, she entered the professional world to start her journey as a chiropractor. She founded Chiro Relief with Robert Swindells.  In 2007 she sold her half and was able to found Attend2Health on her own.

Hurdles along the way

With a little knowledge to run a clinic, Louise faced some hurdles along the way, but she managed to tunnel through them with her passion and crystal clear aim.

She adds, “Obviously first starting the clinic 13 years ago was scary as I had no patients and did not know if it would work.  Luckily the clinic grew pretty quickly.”

The next challenging part was to handle the clinic with two toddlers. She states, “The next hardest part was when I had my two children as it was really hard trying to juggle a baby and a clinic! As the children grew older, I could then start to work more hours again, and the clinic started to grow.”

She expresses that scaling the business was also a little challenging. She further adds, “It was also a scary time as now the overheads are much higher, and we also decided to do this in the middle of a pandemic which wasn’t ideal!!  Luckily, however, we are now busier than ever, which is such a relief.”

Helping others with Attend2Health

Attend2Health is a private health clinic with Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Sports massage therapists, Hypnotherapy, and Nutrition. Louise adds, “By having Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and Physiotherapists all working together, we can make sure the patient gets the best possible treatment.”

She expresses offering the best care facilities allows them to stay at the top in the corporate world. She believes that caring about the patients and providing them with the best solution by understanding their issues is the X-factor that differentiates them from the competition. She states, “At Attend2Health, we try and help each other when we can, so if someone has a tricky case, we may discuss this confidentially with colleagues to make sure we are providing the best treatment. By doing our best and putting the patient first, we don’t need to worry about any competition. All that matters is the patient.”

She thinks as the NHS is becoming overwhelmed, people realize they need to pay for their treatment to be seen quickly and to stop them from being in pain.

She adds, “Over the next couple of years, I am aiming for the number of practitioners and specialists to increase to include doctors and consultants in the long term once CQC Registration has been obtained.”

Life as Doctor of Chiropractic and owner of Attend2Health

From the start of her professional journey, Louise was passionate about helping others and creating employment opportunities for the community. She always wanted to give something back to the community, and thus, started doing so by founding Attend2Health.

Being driven by her passion, she manages every aspect of the clinic with finesse. She states, “As the Owner of Attend2Health, my main role is to make sure the clinic is running smoothly and that everyone knows what is expected of them.”

She is a team player and has a keen eye to search the talent and incorporate them into the team to help others. She allows her team to grow individually so that they can offer their best services for the clinic.

She keeps everyone motivated and gives her best to fuel the growth of her clinic. She believes that understanding the issue of the patient has the highest priority and motivates the team to do so.

With a strong team at her disposal and solid determination to help the patients, Louise has paved the way to the top. She was awarded a Fellow of the British Chiropractic Association in 2011. In 2019, she won the Best Business Woman in Health and Wellness and the Zenith Global Health Award. Louise has also written a book on low back pain called how to help eliminate low back pain and achieve long term relief. With a passion to give back to the local community, Louise held a charity day recently raising over £600 for their local food bank.

Her spark to keep the patients at the highest priority also helped them achieve accolades for the clinic. She states, “The clinic also won Best Business Women Award for Customer Service.” She feels that this was the result of a team effort and their passion for helping their patients with the best services.

Achieving work-life balance

Louise believes that running a business can be scary and hard work but is also really rewarding. She adds, “Running a business is a juggling act. I tend to work for half days in the clinic, so I still have time to be with my children.”

Having the clinic near to her home allows her to manage work and home smoothly. She gives her best at the professional front to furl the expansion of her clinic.

On the personal front, she makes ample time for her children. She also makes time for her personal growth and indulges in different activities Travelling, hammer throwing to keep her body and mind fit. She has even done a skydive in the past

She states, “You can’t ever switch off from work, but at the same time, I get to spend more time with my children than I otherwise would.”

Future plans for the clinic

Louise expresses, “Over the next few years, the clinic now has lots of treatment rooms to expand into, and a lot of classes can start to take place in the studio. From then, it may be possible to create a franchise of the clinic. The more people I can help, the better.”

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