Kiran Mann: A Story of Purpose, Proficiency, and Success

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With years of hands-on business experience under her belt, Kiran Mann, CEO and Founder of M2M Business Solutions Inc., is a thought leader, influencer, and business consultant in organizational and leadership excellence. Her company, M2M, is a business advisory and consulting organization situated in Toronto, Canada. Consulting and Advisory, Leadership Paradigm and Professional Development are the main services provided by the organization. Manufacturing, plastics, logistics, food, IT, automotive, and construction are just a few of the areas where the firm has worked with the C-suite.

Inspiration that led Kiran towards Entrepreneurship

Kiran had spent 22 years in the automotive sector, working for some of the industry’s most prestigious corporations, and was considered very successful prior to her M2M Avatar. “One day the truth dawned on me, and I realized my true purpose,” says Kiran. She had a good career in the automotive industry, but it didn’t satisfy her. She didn’t appear to want to be a part of just one industry for the rest of her life. She wanted to be a part of more things, change more lives, and add more value to more locations.

According to Kiran, business life has devolved into a series of firefights, with the urgent taking precedence over the essential. She discovered inconsistencies in the brand and company journeys. She asserts, “Gaps in thought process, gaps in implementation, and most importantly, gaps in processes. Gaps are obstacles to success.” She wanted to fill these gaps with a human centric approach, establish clear processes, create inspired employees, and ultimately contribute to business excellence.

More Enhancements in Service Offerings

As per Kiran, her proudest journey has been the one that the company embarked upon a year ago, during Lockdown. She says, “The outcome of this introspective and questioning period was – The Happy Organization™ (THO).”

She explains that THO is a complete consulting and advisory service by M2M. It is the company’s main commitment to its customers, and the teams are working hard to make ‘The Happy Organization’ a reality wherever they can. Through THO, M2M promotes workplace innovation for market competitiveness, customer experience to make them feel appreciated, and a better organizational climate with consistently greater levels of employee satisfaction and retention. All of these critical characteristics must then align in order to achieve long-term profitability, business growth, and the capacity to overcome the decade’s significant market risks.

Making a Collective Contribution to Success

Even being the CEO and founder of the company, Kiran works very closely with her clients to understand their pain points and where is their vision driving them. So, she and her team can align themselves and bring more value to their products. She opines, “Working very closely with my own team, via weekly meetings and daily updates.” She follows the company’s own ARAF Principle—Authority, Responsibility, Accountability, and Follow Up.

Crucially, Kiran recognises her people at the right time, at the right place, in the right way, with her full heart, so the team’s collective passion keeps going strong.

Setbacks During the Pandemic while Creating Own Identity

Before the pandemic, M2M was a modest organization trying to find its path. The business had a few successful initiatives under its belt and was poised to take off. Covid struck us all as soon as the firm reached this point.

Kiran emphasizes that when this happened, M2M swiftly shifted gears and discovered its consumers’ pain areas. M2M teams began to consider how and where they might assist them. They began to prepare for this. They pushed the company’s future objectives into the present.

The team worked around the clock to convert the problem into an opportunity. They addressed clients who saw the opportunity, had spare time, and were eager to explore M2M’s innovative tactics in order to be ready when the economy improved. These firms are currently significantly stronger as a result of Covid.

Market risks, unpredictability, and rapid change characterized the year 2020. M2M maintained a laser-like focus on vision, profitability, and profits and built the structure of a happy organization, which it first went through. Kiran says, “Through the pandemic and resultant chaos, we stuck to our mission and continued to apply our Happy Theory with many courageous companies across industries.” 

Being a Mother and a Successful Business Leader

Kiran is a mother of three kids. She made the decision to live a balanced life and give them as much quality time as she could when they were little. She operated a little differently throughout this time. She moved swiftly across departments, learning the ropes and gaining a valuable range of expertise. “The purpose was to learn fast,” she says.

When the children were older, Kiran could then really sink her teeth into bigger projects. In a year, she went from Manager to General Manager after four promotions. Because of her past working technique, she was prepared. This is when she took up the big projects, turning around companies, establishing global platforms, etc.

Everything Kiran has done in her life has been to achieve her purpose. She says, “My purpose shifted from surface-level achievements to deeper visions. What difference will I make to humanity and this planet? Creating organizations that are human-centric brings a breath of freshness to people and to the work environment. ”

A Balanced Routine 

Every day, Kiran sets out on a quest to bring the enchantment of joy into people’s lives, from their homes to their workplaces. Her life used to be a normal treadmill-life, a relentless loop of putting out fires from morning to night; urgent always trumped important. A month would pass by if she didn’t blink.

One day, Kiran decided to ‘STOP RUNNING’ all the time. She states, “It’s a decision and the day you make it, it happens.” She started to focus on the purposeful moments and aspects of her life, such as health, children, future, present, and being. She recalls, “In the beginning, I lost some. I lost some sleep and even some clients. But then I began to GAIN – I gained perspective, time, health, peace, purpose, insight, time with my children, and time to steer my company where I wanted it to go. ”

Today, Kiran is busy, but not overworked. She is putting in a lot of effort, but she is no longer on the uncontrolled treadmill. Her days begin with affirmations and meditation in the morning. She then spends time with her family, including her children and dogs. She mentions, “We all huddle to give and receive strength for the day ahead. And then we go punch the living socks out of the world with our brilliance. “ 

Living with a Sense of Fulfillment

Kiran defines success as being happy and joyful. This, she feels, applies to everyone—a person, a firm, a boss, an employee, an entrepreneur, a parent, and a leader. Happiness, to her, entails discovering her true calling and realizing her full potential while being peaceful and cheerful on a daily basis.

The Roadmap of M2M for the Future

M2M, according to Kiran, aspires to be known for its skill in understanding that each business is unique and developing Made-to-Measure solutions (M2M). Her 23 years of expertise allows the organization to give clear insights, one-of-a-kind solutions, and demonstrable outcomes that significantly outweigh the clients’ investment.

Kiran claims, “We want to be recognized for our futuristic approach and the ability to use customized, unconventional tools and techniques to play a critical role in enhancing the overall value and making organizations empathetic, efficient, and highly profitable.” She goes on to say that M2M is on a mission to help people and businesses attain happiness, success, and pride.

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