How I Helped a Healthcare Startup Grow 1200% in 90 days

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When this B2B healthcare startup reached out to me at 11:15 pm on a Friday night, I was having a glass of a California red blend over dinner at Louis Bossi’s. Although an unusual time for an inbound lead, me being me, I replied in less than 15 minutes.

Within 72 hours I was servicing them in B2B growth via LinkedIn. If you’re not aware, here’s a jaw-dropping LINK between the B2B sphere and LinkedIn:

LinkedIn generates more than 85% of all B2B social media leads.

Meaning if you’re in the B2B space, you can generate inbound leads on this platform, ones that can compound and produce upwards of 6 figures (or more).

Here’s the kicker:

Inbound lead generation is a fine art; one that many strive to master, but only few succeed at mastering.


It’s much easier to plow into someone’s messages, asking for them to give you their time for “a quick chat” or to “pick their brain” than it is to create consistent, well-designed content.

But, inbound lead generation is beautiful. It’s proof that people see you as valuable, before ever speaking to you on the phone.

You won’t have to ask for a prospect’s time, they will ask for yours.

Below are the 5 core elements I used to help this startup qualitatively grow their network, generate 10–15 inbound leads a month, and produce a ridiculously high ROI (not to mention the priceless relationships they have built along the way.

My hope is for those in the B2B space to apply some of these core elements to gain momentum for your business.

Step 1 — Define Your Ideal Audience

It’s impossible to create valuable, compelling, converting content for an entrepreneur or business if you do not know and thoroughly understand whothey serve, how they serve them and what they do to differentiate (in regards to their products, or services).

Words of advise, hearing and listening are worlds apart.

Some of you are so obsessed with just “closing a deal” and moving on that you only hear, you don’t listen. But this can cause your results and retention rate to suffer in the long-run.

listened, and because of that, I was able to define their target audience independent pharmacies specific to the United States.

Give your prospect your undivided attention, and listen to them. It makes a difference!

Step 2 — Create Content to Attract Your Audience

You’re setting yourself up for disaster if you dramatically increase your brand visibility without optimizing your profile and content to serve your ideal target audience.

Before you experience the bloom of a rose, you must prepare the soil. The soil in this case is market research. Before anything grows, it must be nurtured.

Because their ideal target audience = independent pharmacies, the content had to be set up to serve independent pharmacies. Whatever I wrote had to be of value to the decision makers of independent pharmacies, by saving them time, energy or money.

I would ask yourself the following questions while doing market research for a content strategy:

  • Who is your ideal audience?
  • What can you write about that can save them time, money and energy?
  • How can you write it differently (spice it up) so that they return for more? 

Step 3 — Connect With Your Ideal B2B Audience

For this particular startup, I targeted independent pharmacies in the U.S. and began to reach out to decision makers in this sector via a customized connection request.

YES, looking at a profile and learning who someone is, and what you may have in common with them, and how you [ in this particular case my client’s business] can be of value to them will “make” or “break” a connection request acceptance.

Step 4— Engage with Your Ideal Audience

In the world of LinkedIn and business, as in life in general, it’s hard to receive anything without giving first.

You must give and you must engage if you want to grow. One of my LinkedIn cohorts said it best when they said, “Engagement begets engagement.” I would recommend dedicating 1 hour a day engaging with your ideal prospects.

p.s. ENGAGING DOES NOT MEAN SELLING. Stop going into people’s DM’s asking them to buy your product or service, without giving them any semblance of value-add.

Engage by liking posts and commenting on feed posts and articles with a thoughtful comment.

Step 5 — Be Consistent!

People create content for 1 week, and then quit, with claims that it did nothing. Content creation is ceaseless. It takes TIME, ENERGY and COMMITMENT. It takes tweaking. I’m always trying new things, analyzing what works and what doesn’t.

Make Time, Not Excuses

I’m always trying new things, analyzing what works and what doesn’t. I MAKE time to help my community, not excuses.

There is no better moment to invest in your growth than now.

Shanee Moret

Creative Director

Digital Marketing Solutions

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