Home to Smart Home – All Thanks to IoT

Remember the days back when you used to purchase standalone electronic devices that used to have a bulky remote controller of its own, and would not work with any other remote? Well, now electronic devices are being developed that can work over a wireless connection and be controlled by a unified remote of sorts. This phenomenon is what is called Internet of Things or IoT.

Characteristics: The very important and noteworthy fact that IoT is based on is that, in a scenario involving Internet of Things, the meaning of the particular event will not be based on a predefined deterministic modelling structure, but instead the possibilities of the proceeding of that particular event will and should be based on the context of the event itself. Such should be the architecture – both logical and network, of the IoT design.

The Management of the Chaos: Another significant fact is that an IoT is essentially a chaotic event, because of the huge number of links and interconnections and nodes that are inter-linked among themselves to form the network connection character upon which the IoT model would be designed and built.

Applications in day to day life: IoT first started off in other domains of our life, but the scenario has changed since then. As a matter of fact, a huge number of consumer electronics and devices that are manufactured and designed today, are IoT. For instance, home automations or smart homes, electronic devices such as air conditioners, washing machines, dryers et cetera fall under this category.

Applications in infrastructure management and in Enterprises: Enterprise IoT or EIoT is the term that is meant to denote the use of IoT enabled devices in business settings and the corporate domain. In infrastructure management, IoT plays a vital role in the careful supervising and monitoring of infrastructure development and maintenance.

Barriers to IoT Adoption: Privacy and concerns over security are perhaps the most important concerns that come over such domains and it is not unjustified. However as far as the present trends are concerned, such concerns are not very imminent.

As with each and every domain and aspect of life, even IoT has some advantages and disadvantages that should not be overlooked. It is imperative that in today’s world of rapid advancements in technology, we consider each and every tiny detail to make sure that we are not treading a path that is brittle and susceptible to fall under our own weight.

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