Feriani Chung: An Energized Marketing Leader Making an Impact in Indonesia’s Beauty Industry

The 10 Most Influential Marketing Leaders to Watch in 2022

For Feriani Chung, Chief Marketing Officer at Zulu Alpha Papa (ZAP), the benchmark of successful leadership is when she raises and develops another leader, or inspires others to be a better version of themselves.

Feriani went from being a marketing executive in the Hotel and F&B industry to the Chief Marketing Officer of ZAP Clinic, the pioneer of hair removal treatment using laser technology in Indonesia.

Developing a passion for marketing at an early age

Feriani recalls falling in love with the marketing industry from the time she was still in high school. “I started reading books about marketing, and I had always admired the marketing and promotions activities by brands I knew of,” she says.

One of Feriani’s favorite examples of brand promotions was the ‘I LOVE MONDAY’ program in the 90s, held by the Hard Rock Café Jakarta. Back then, it was common for almost every café in Jakarta, to not have their place filled with customers on a Monday.

Nobody visited a café on Mondays, but Feriani notes that the Hard Rock Café created a stand-out marketing gimmick by having live music and promotions for their menu, every Monday.

“It was such a brave action, and became quite a success,” observes Feriani. “In fact, it became a legendary program at Hard Rock. I was very inspired by how one marketing strategy could change so many things, even ideas that were once considered as impossible.”

Building strong marketing skills in the beauty industry

Prior to joining ZAP, Feriani worked for three years in Bali, one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, where she learned about many different cultural heritages. Being in the beauty industry was something that had never really crossed her mind.

But, as someone who admires and loves the service industry, with several years of experience in Hotel and F&B marketing under her belt, she did not find it difficult to adapt. “Since I love the service industry, I found no difficulty to adapt, and successfully made this a strong plus point for my career portfolio,” she notes.

Feriani joined ZAP in 2015, as the first staff member with an hotelier background, helping the company focus on hospitality and excellent service, instead of only on high quality products.

ZAP started with only one outlet in 2009, at a garage founded by Fadly Sahab, the CEO of ZAP. In 2014, to sustain the business, ZAP Clinic transformed into a beauty clinic focusing on laser-based treatment, and has successfully become the biggest of its kind in Indonesia, with over 50 outlets in 17 big cities all across Indonesia.

Today, ZAP has several brands, such as ZAP Clinic, specializing in hair removal and photo facials, targeting the Gen Z market; ZAP Premiere, the premium version of the treatment targeting the upper middle class, treatment handled by Dermatologist also with Advance Technology; MEN/O/LOGY, a one stop grooming solution and barbershop, and also the first men’s grooming clinic in Indonesia, that provides a variety of treatments designed for the modern man.

“I managed to grow into a strong marketing person and focus on an emotional marketing strategy prioritizing a whole experience, similar to those used in the hospitality industry,” notes Feriani.

She lists a number of prestigious awards in the field of marketing that ZAP has received, such as:

·        Top Brand Award 2016 – 2021: Hair Removal Services

·        Superbrands Indonesia 2019: Hair Removal Clinic

·        Marketing Award 2018: Best Market Driving Company

·        Social Media Award 2018: Great Performing Brand in Social Media

·        OMNI Brand Award of The Year 2019: For the Beauty Clinic

·        Editor Choice Award Marketers 2019: The Best Digital Campaign for the Gen Z Invasion program

·        IDSMED Advertisement Best Brand Impact : Pro Yellow

·        Marketers: Gen Z Top of Mind Brand

·        Female Daily : Best Clinic & Best of Beauty Awards 2021

·        Marketer’s Youth Choice Award 2022 :Bronze Winner

“I personally learned that a marketing strategy has no limit, and as long as it brings about a positive impact, it is worth trying. At ZAP, we don’t limit our creativity, especially in how we introduce our unique variety of treatments,” states Feriani.

Her future goal for the brand is to turn ZAP into one of the most significant leaders in the beauty industry in Indonesia, and even Asia. She also aims to make the ZAP Clinic a personal experience and a part of the lifestyle for everyone in Indonesia, providing high quality products and treatments, with effective and safe procedures that have long lasting benefits.

Leading with the eight core values of ZAP

ZAP ensures that each team member is aware of how significant their contribution is to the company, and that it’s important for them to respect and value each other.

Feriani lists the eight core values at ZAP, that have become a guiding force in running their daily operations, as well as a guideline to help them find potential candidates as future team members. These eight cultures are:

1.      Make others happy

2.      Show that you care

3.      Build a fun atmosphere

4.      Promote open & honest communication with a family spirit

5.      Do the best we can

6.      Do the right things

7.      Be accountable

8.      Think long term

“These eight cultures project how integrity can be built for each team member within the company,” notes Feriani.

Learning to cope with workplace challenges

Feriani recalls that, as she began her career path right at the very bottom, it gave her a preview and experience of the ups and downs and the highs and lows of professional life, way before her team even started their journey.

“I have seen the difference between good and bad leadership, which helps me in leading my own team. I decided to focus on passing down to my team, only the good experiences that I got from my former leaders, so that they did not have to experience all the bad things that I went through in the past,” she notes.

Feriani believes that challenges are like a puzzle that needs to be solved; a game where, once you finish one level, you enter the higher levels with extra skills, greater endurance, and a broader perspective.

“A challenge is like a puzzle that needs to be solved.”

She recalls that one of the challenges she faced in the workplace was allowing her emotions to get the better of her, which affected her career journey at one point.

“I was too focused on my emotions, instead of thinking about solutions. Gratefully, since then, I have learned to manage and differentiate my personal from my professional life. I learned that any challenge I come across in the professional arena would only be a part of what I do, not who I am,” Feriani reflects.

Inspiring others within & outside the workplace

As an energized and inspiring leader, Feriani is responsible for ZAP’s entire marketing strategy, and also for ensuring that the sales division reaches their targets.

“Other than that, I’m also responsible for monitoring our CRM activity. Since ZAP has a strong presence on social media, I also need to monitor our growth in the digital area, from time to time, all the way to monitoring the conversions we have gained from that channel,” she says.

Feriani does not limit her personal definition of success only to achievements within the office, or within her professional life. “Success goes beyond that. It’s more about being the same excellent person both within the office, and outside the office area,” she states.

Feriani also considers it a success when she inspires others to be a better person, having seen and experienced her values and principles; and narrates two of her most remarkable success stories.

The first occurred when she decided to help her ex-driver find an opportunity and gain better skills, which led to him leading a division in a legal company.

“The benchmark of successful leadership is when I raised and developed another leader.”

The second one was in 2019, when she received the Best Champion Marketing Award in the beauty industry, although she did not originally come from the beauty sector. The award ceremony was held by one of the most recognizable marketing organizations in the country.

Dare to change, quick to change

Given the changing landscape of any marketing strategy, which Feriani believes is expected and absolutely needed, she notes that each player in the industry must keep sharpening their skills and adapt to those changes.

Her personal goal is to contribute more actively in the marketing industry, by continuing to share her experience with the younger generation, so they are inspired, and dream bigger and further; and in helping to motivate them in reaching their career goals and becoming a future leader.

“Dare to change, quick to change. As a business leader, having the right intuition is good, but don’t forget to always support that intuition with data, especially when making a marketing and strategic decision,” she advises.

“Dare to change, quick to change.”

Feriani maintains balance in her life by keeping her personal and professional lives separate, and building full awareness of each role that she needs to fulfill in those two areas. “I have to be very disciplined not to let one area affect the other,” she says.

She also believes in keeping a positive perspective, seeing everything from a positive angle, while at the same time building a fun environment for her team, so they’re consistently motivated in bringing their best for their company, which at the end of the day, will benefit them.

Her advice to aspiring leaders is to be the leader who is not only great at running their business, but running their daily life, making others successful, and creating a positive impact, especially on their own team.

“Be the leader who is not only great at running their business, but also running their daily life, making others successful and creating a positive impact.”

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