Dr. Tania Martin-Mercado: An Enthralling Effect on Health Care with the Right Attitude

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Respecting women is not just giving them the right to vote or making special privileges available for them. It is about treating them equally, not above below but at par. Standing firm in her belief of women empowerment, Dr. Tania Martin-Mercado CEO of Phronetik, embarked her inspiring journey. With a strong demeanor and a heart to pursue what is right and good, she set out on a mission to change the world that led her to healthcare. Dr. Martin-Mercado knew that she wanted to contribute towards improvising the quality of care provided and was strongly driven for this cause, subsequently; Phronetik was incorporated, and has become one of the leading organizations in providing innovative solutions and services for healthcare.

Right Goal with the Right Attitude

Albeit, Dr. Martin-Mercado was focused on achieving her goals, she also knew that the path was not easy. Failures are a part of every business, but the acceptance of failure with the right attitude is hard to possess. The absence of this attitude stood as a stumbling block for Dr. Martin-Mercado in the initial years of her entrepreneurial journey. But as she continued, she began working on her attitude to accept failure as an opportunity for improvement rather than defeat, which took years of self-analysis and self-improvement. You learn something new every day from everyone and everything around you. Well, this is easier said than done. In order to learn something, you need to possess the humble attitude of learning especially in difficult times when failure has an adverse effect on the people around you, your team and their dreams. Dr. Martin-Mercado learnt it the hard way but eventually saw a change in her attitude that made her a life-long learner and failures became her teacher. She believes that mental and emotional health plays a vital role in life and a strong support system is very important to keep you steadfast in your personal and professional life.

Right Aspirations taking Shape

Perfection might be a myth but we still desire to walk on the way leading to perfection and that makes us better every day, and Dr. Martin-Mercado was certainly on that way. Her mind was inclined towards technology as she grew up, which made her realize that healthcare has been the slowest in terms of adapting to new technologies. This drawback made her mission sturdier. Since the incorporation of Phronetik, she was aware of all that it takes to reduce and eliminate healthcare disparities and improve accessibility to quality care in the tangible world. With a supportive team and the right collaborations, she was able to put her thoughts into action through Phronetik. Derived from the Greek words “phronesis” meaning wisdom and “kinetic” meaning to move, Phronetik wisely moved ahead in becoming the leading organizations that provides solutions that help to improve diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and positively affect the quality of care. Phronetik provides genomic testing, sequencing services, and IT support services to advance precision medicine and assist scientific research. They have advanced in biomarker discovery, individualized treatment, and precision medicine techniques that deliver better and accurate patient care. Phronetik is driven by their mission to provide sustainable, innovative, transformative and disruptive technologies and services to support clinical trials, translational research, and patient-driven outcomes. Their creative and innovative way of thinking improvising the current solutions and offering better services, intrigues their clients making Phronetrix a preferred choice.

Good Intentions Pave Right Results

Extending a hand of hope, touching lives or adding value to someone’s life are forgotten traits of humanity. Nevertheless Dr. Martin-Mercado is a noble mind, pivoted to helping people. She is determined to keep working hard to change lives by providing improvised services in healthcare. “My hard work pays off when I am told I’ve helped someone. If I can improve the quality of life for an individual, their family and loved ones, by creating an actionable solution where there previously was none, then I feel that my work has merit”, says Dr. Martin-Mercado.  Her driving factor is her strong desire to help people by her efforts combined with her team of knowledgeable members to reduce the risk of diseases, improve quality of life and positively impact scientific research contributing to a large body of knowledge that has the same goals in mind.

Right Way Ahead

Dr. Martin-Mercado believes she has a long way to go and has many more things to do for the well-being of the people. She is a responsible CEO who firmly believes that she needs to be level-headed and stand strong for her team who depend on her. It is imperative that she keeps her mental and emotional health strong and hence has deliberately started to dedicate some quality time for herself. She has realized how important it is to identify your breaking point and schedule some time off work way ahead of reaching that point. Rejuvenating during her own “Tania Time” keeps her motivated invoking the same energy in her team. On a personal front one of her goals is to contribute to a few peers reviewed articles in scientific journals that will soon take shape. Phronetik, however, will continue its upright work of enhancing scientific discovery to better patient care. They will also continue to be government contractors working with government and private leaders with the same mission in mind.

It all started with a fantasy to be Wonder Woman or Jean Gray from X-men. Dr. Martin-Mercado was always inclined towards female leads that instilled the idea of changing the world as a woman. Amusing as it may sound, the fantasy took on different forms as she grew up and became the seed for some wondrous works by a woman in the real world.

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