Coconut Milk – The Vegan Alternative to Dairy

Coconuts are Nature’s abundance. They say the water inside the coconut is so pure it can pass for IV fluids used for patients. Drinking coconut water has a million benefits. But this fruit just does not cease to give. The white kernel part of the coconut has several hidden benefits too. This is what is used to make Coconut milk which can be used as a substitute of milk obtained from dairy farms (which is essentially cruel)

Coconuts have been around for over 4,500 years, but are gaining popularity now as their many benefits are being known to the world. The fruit itself is used for its water, to make coconut oil, and its tasty meat is eaten as it is or utilized as a product in several different ways. In fact the goodness of this blessed fruit has earned a day to itself. World Coconut Day is celebrated on 2nd September every year.

How to make Coconut milk at home?

Take a fresh coconut and grate the inner white meat. Now place the grated meat into a blender and blend it for a few minutes, you can add a few drops of water if it appears too thick. Now use a muslin cloth over a bowl. Empty the blended white paste into the muslin cloth. Squeeze hard several times to extract the milk. Once again take the remaining paste into the blender add a few drops of water and blend it for a minute. Remove the paste on a muslin cloth and repeat. You have your Coconut milk ready to use. 

Advantages of Coconut milk

Coconut milk is natural; it is healthy and is also cruelty free. For everyone into fitness, this milk has healthy fats (MCT) that do not get stored in the body. Coconut milk is used in a number of Thai, continental, Hawaiian, South American and Indian curries. You can simply replace freshly prepared Coconut milk with any dairy milk that you use. These days Coconut milk is easily available and you can simply buy it off the shelf, but using freshly grated, homemade milk has its own benefits. Other advantages include:

·         Keeps skin healthy and nourished

·         Helps recover from any skin ailments

·         Keeps hair healthy and promotes hair growth

·         Good for the stomach

·         Helps in losing weight

·         Good for the heart – prevents heart diseases

·         LDL is reduced, HDL is increased

·         Helps in long term weight loss by preventing over eating

·         Helps control diabetes

·         Helps with Alzheimer’s disease

·         Prevents ulcers

·         Protects the prostate and prevents prostate cancer

·         Soothes skin and combats sunburns as it has anti-inflammatory properties

·         Excellent for removing make up – instead of the chemical options

·         Boosts the immune system

·         Prevents anemia – improves RBCs

With the number of proven benefits of coconut, it is difficult to

Plant-based milk options are growing as the world is becoming more and more aware of the million advantages thanks to multiple media options that highlight them. It is also because the world is increasing learning the atrocities of dairy and that the cost of one glass of cow or buffalo milk is the endless years of sufferings of another living being that eventually results in its extremely painful death.

Of the many plant-based milk options that you can buy off the shelf, Coconut milk is the best for your health and for the strength and immunity of your body. Given the number of benefits, it would be highly advisable to make coconut a part of one’s daily food consumption. It serves best when consumed in its most natural form. Virgin coconut oil is one that is free from chemicals and can be used as well too.

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