Being the She in Shepreneur

Being the She in Shepreneur: Over the past 13 years, she has been a millionaire, and also almost went bankrupt. She has been on the cover of significant publications but has dealt with lawsuits from people trying to hurt her. Her journey is a marvelous mixture of ups and downs, and she wouldn’t trade any of the experiences that entrepreneurship gave her.

The Shepreneur is proud of the fact that she has employed people in over 15 different countries, and has helped over 10,000+ small business owners across 14 countries to become more profitable and sustainable. A striking total of 80% of small business owners who have used a SLAP to grow their business have hit their financial goals and objectives.

Meet Carissa Reiniger, the Founder, and CEO of Silver Lining. Carissa is an extremely dedicated entrepreneur and small business growth expert who has helped countless small business owners grow through her behavior change methodology and program, SLAP. On a personal level, Carissa is hugely committed to building a lifestyle of wellness that includes – rest, travel, good health and a lot of family time.

Continuously learning, tweaking and adjusting.

Although Carissa was very clear and adamant about wanting to make a difference and help people in her life, being an entrepreneur wasn’t something that was ever on her mind. Back then, according to her, “Ignorance was bliss.”  Today, she believes that owning a business is one of the most powerful ways to make an impact on the economy.

At the age of 22, Carissa founded Silver Lining. Full of passion, curiosity, and ideologies, she traveled across Canada and personally interviewed more than 400 small business owners to understand, why, over 80% of them fail in their first-to-second year! What is the one problem that, all, small business owner face? She was and is still committed to this day, on changing the economy, one small business at a time.

Carissa is proud of her 22-year-old self who saw a problem and decided to do something about it! “I have come to realize that there is no such thing as ‘the life’ – that all of us need to keep making the best decisions we can, based on the information we have at any given time. The secret is to learn, tweak and adjust over time continuously,” Carissa exclaims while speaking about her past.

A personal development journey

For Carissa, building a business was an incredible journey of personal development. Before Silver Lining, everything she had done had been successful. She had never bear the full responsibility or the burden that comes with being a responsible entrepreneur.

Carissa knows she’s made many mistakes. However, at the time, she was far too embarrassed to ask for help especially when she needed it the most. It took her around five years to realize that the notion of being perfect was an illusion and that nobody has the right answer to everything.

“Opening herself up to outside help and support with my business was the best thing that ever happened to me.” Carissa states. The impact of such a simple concept had a significant effect on her business. She no longer felt alone and, through this process, created and strengthened an extensive network of ever-lasting relationships with her partner, friends, family, staff and business associates.

Helping achieve financial peaks

Carissa and her team are on a mission to help more people make money doing what they love. The Silver Lining Action Plan (SLAP) methodology, a five-step process allowing small business owners to build more profitable and sustainable businesses. With years of research & development and behavior change science at the center of it, SLAPcenter act as their very own business CRM and growth training platform. “Think of it as your very own control center. You get a complete overview of the health of your business at any given time! Receive in-depth behavior analytics and reporting and start making data-driven decisions that will concretely help you reach your financial goals,” Carissa shares.

She is extremely proud and grateful to have been able to help millions of small business owners through Silver Lining’s Global Movement – Thank You Small Business. “TYSB is all about supporting and celebrating the tenacity, passion, and commitment of small business owners,” she shares.

This year, as part of her fight against economic injustice, Carissa launched an initiative called the Silver Circle, where Silver Lining challenges successful business owners and privileged individuals to help a small business who is struggling. “We promise to match every dollar others give! I believe in equal access to technology, knowledge and financial support regardless of gender, gender identification, race, religion or location” Carissa mentions.

Her accessSLAP program is available to all small business owners across under-resourced communities on a global scale.

Inspiring entrepreneurs through penned down words of wisdom

Alongside spearheading Silver Lining, Carissa serves as an advisor, investor and a board member of numerous other businesses. She wrote her first book in 2008 called Stories From Our Black Books and ended up turning it into a company that included a play version of the book. Since then, she has written four other books titled, Inspiring Entrepreneurs: How to Build Your Business To Its First Million, I Will: The Mentality and Systems of an Entrepreneur Who Gets Things Done, and Thank You Small Business, the inspiration behind a global movement.

Carissa mentions that her experience of writing books has been a lot different than many of her friends. “It is an arduous, complicated process.” she says. She continues and explains how she felt she approached it very practically. “For all the five books, I blocked out a week, put myself in a room at a retreat center and got a first draft complete before I left.  I then involved an editor to help finalize the content. I decided to self-published with the help of a company who takes care of all the logistics. I created a marketing plan to promote it and initially focused on bulk sales.  All in all – it was a pretty easy and fun process. I am currently working on my next book, and I am following the same process – it works!”

Curious, Passionate and Driven to Succeed

We asked Carissa if she believes she has achieved everything she wants to which she passionately exclaimed: “Of course not! If you are someone who is curious, passionate and driven in life – you will never get to the point where you have learned and accomplished everything you would like to. I see a massive world, with hundreds of millions of small business owners who are not realizing their full potential; incredible economic injustice and so much work left to do! Every time I hear success stories about one of our small business that is exceeding his goals, when I see a shift in our data that tells me one of our small business collectives is starting to perform better or even when one of our team members is excelling, it makes it all worth it. That is when I know for a fact, that all my hard work, is paying off! I used to think that there would be a moment where I felt like “I made it.” Now, I believe it’s important to celebrate the progress and accomplishments every single day, all the while, still holding space for what is left to do.”

Going Forward

Carissa and her team at Silver Lining will continue to passionately support small business every day as they collectively believe that small business is the real driver of our economy. They continuously learn, tweak and adjust and plan on doubling down in product development, and continually leverage the power of technology, increase value all the while remaining accessible for small businesses owners across the world.

Carissa is always exploring new ideas, and at the moment, she is investigating an online small business bank concept that would generate personality assessments and customize her customers’ needs.  By introducing data analysis in the mix, this will help small business owners see the relationship between their actions and their results.

Personally, Carissa is incredibly committed to economic justice and will continue to invest significant resources in delivering Silver Lining Global commitment to 1000 businesses and beyond. Carissa doesn’t plan on going anywhere, and she and her team are here to help! Small businesses don’t have to be alone; everyone needs support, accountability, and the right resources.

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