Being Artificially Intelligent in Addition to Natural Intelligence

Being Artificially Intelligent in Addition to Natural Intelligence: Normal intelligence or the human intelligence as we know it is a very interesting aspect of human life and domination on the earth. However, new developments are progressing at such high rates and with such steep curves that we now have something also called Artificial intelligence or also often known as Machine Intelligence. As the latter name suggests, artificial intelligence or AI is used in terms of machines, and to be specific, computers.

What AI actually is: As it might be evident and obvious, machines cannot actually go through the process of learning, Or can they? Recent advanced developments in this field have led to algorithms that are so smart that can enhance cognitive learning. Essentially, computers can now analyse situations when they are placed in one, study the factors minutely and then take actions which would prove to be the most efficient in that scenario. This is AI.

Problems: A major problem that arose with developing on AI is that the human process of learning is way more complex than we could possibly imagine. We learn from experience, we learn from others’ experiences and we learn by studying, repetitively. So what needs to done is taking into consideration the factors  such as reasoning, perception, planning, learning, creativity, general and common intelligence, representation of the knowledge, NLP or Natural Language Processing and so on and so forth. All this combined, will give us the perfect and most intelligent AI ever.

Applications: AI finds its applications in domains which we might not have even thought of as possible. For instance, in case of healthcare and diagnosing and detecting problems, AI finds huge applications. In the automotive industry, AI is very useful in finding efficiency in all aspects. In case of finance and economics, plotting growth or depreciation curves with the help of AI is a very important step in the right direction. However, it should always be used with caution as the ethical problems and the potential risks that arise are not worth overlooking.

AI is perhaps one of the most important tools in our hands at the moment. It is a weapon if we want it to be, it is a helping aid, if that is our outlook. What is important to note is that we should never let AI be the controller of ourselves Instead it should always be the other way round, else we may never know what hit us before it actually did.

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