Images of natural beauty

Nature is a mesmerizing force. The force that within itself holds the power to create, destroy and recreate. Woven in an illusion of endless fabrics, the only truth about nature is the quintessential that sustains life in the most beautiful ways. You and I can never see all of the beauty spread throughout the world, but we can surely find the Images of natural beauty as clicked by some of the prominent photographers who have dedicated their lives to this work.

The beauty of nature is impossible to be expressed in just a single write up. But at times through the eyes of the lenses, some incredibly beautiful Images of natural beauty can be kept frozen in time for an eternity to witness and celebrate nature in its most crafting and creative form. Let us look at some of the Images of natural beauty through the eyes of the photographers.

·         Andy Parkinson’s photo, “Hare Ball.”

The award-winning picture captured the snap of perfectly curled up hare on a snowy day. The image is a shot in mid-motion with the snow visible cracking on the hare’s fur, and its ears inch backwards in an attempt to brace back against the chilly air. Andy, the dedicated photographer as he is, spent five weeks observing the mountains around Tomatin in the Scottish Highlands, patiently in anticipation of your picture-perfect moment. Every yawn or shake roughly came around every 30 to 45 minutes. And just like that nature decided to bless him as he witnessed and marvelously captured the hare curling into a perfect spherical shape. We are lucky just to be able to see such Images of natural beauty.

·         Talib Almarri’s mesmerizing portrait of a group of hippos bathing.

Famously titled the “Hippopotamus Group from Above,” the shot is so unbelievable that most people at the first glance are unable to grasp the fact that there are living animals in Almarri’s shot. The contour in which the animals lay there basking in the calm, it surely makes one belief in how beautiful nature can be even when it chooses stagnancy over a fast-paced life.

A clever trick to the eyes, the photo has been shot with such brilliance that the more you gaze into the photo, the more you relish in its uniqueness.

·         Mathieu Foulquié’s “Amplexus”, a moment frozen in absolute brilliance.

A finalist in the Aquatic Life category for the best photo aware was Mathieu Foulquié’s “Amplexus”. The photo portrays two frogs floating through a carcass of water together. Both the frogs were in nature’s best narrative of harmony and were attached so close to each other that if not properly looked upon, they appear to be the same being inseparable. To add to nature’s unhindered aesthetics there’s the sun shining in its full distinction hinting at the fact that the world is unstoppable and has no limits.

·         Gunther De Bruyne’s “The Elephant”.

In a sheer stroke of luck where excellence meets beauty, Gunther De Bruyne, a finalist in a nature photography competition, hardly realized the masterpiece he had captured. The photo captures an elephant trunk reaching out in search of something. The juxtaposition of biological life and destinations are stunning. Such Images of natural beauty bring hope of coexistence for the humans and animals.

·         Juan Jesús González Ahumada’s “Snowbreak” and how it won the Art of Nature category.

The snowy river bank Ahumada shot is dynamic, and breathtaking in all aspects, showing off both the icy water and the cracking bank. Multiple artistically placed grooves in the sand resemble waves, adding another interesting layer of detailing to the shot.

·         Sundew,” taken by Edwin Giesbers, was a masterpiece from all angles.

Nature can both be exceptionally forgiving as well as fierce. Switching on to the fiercer side, Sundew,” taken by Edwin Giesbers, earned the first place in the Landscapes, Waterscapes, and Flora category. Giesbers managed to get real up close and personal with this carnivorous plant, apprehending the dewy prowls that help the sundew snap its prey. The picture includes focusing on the view of one leaf with other barrier sundews in the background. Overall the plant is given a mystical look.

·         Frozen Mobile Home” was an amazing photo for its sheer resplendence.

Award-winning Image of natural beauty by Greg Lecoeur catalogued a gang of seals swimming near an iceberg, perfectly grasping them as they moved in the space. The underwater photo feels like a gateway to the mystical world full of secrets that aren’t to be told.

·         Yi Liu clicked Cheetah Hunting in Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara was awarded first place award in the Terrestrial Life category for Cheetah Hunting picture. The snap was shot at the precise moment when the cheetah lunged for a fleeing antelope, with both the animals suspended in mid-air. The dust clouded around them as they ran in urgency, one for the fear of life, other for the fear of starvation. There’s a tension in the photo, as it’s unclear if the antelope will be able to escape the predator or not. 


Images of natural beauty are a window for those stuck in their homes and offices and long to be out there in the natural world. These Images of natural beauty are a frozen moment in eternity. These can often been seen as a screensaver on your computer and often create a longing for an adventure or to do something more than a 9 to 5. The photographers who click these Images of natural beauty win not just accolades for their work, but also tell a story through their amazing work – one that gives hope and peace.

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