Alicia Carroll: Award Winning Technologist Improving Overall Well-being of Others

The 10 Most Influential Women in Tech, 2021 Vol II

Alicia Carroll is an American engineer, technologist and founder of Tech Innovation Global, incorporated a company founded for community initiatives, COVID-19 analysis; mandatory mask recommendations and the environments’ biodiversity to connect science to earth and overall well-being. She is one of the most influential and inspiring people to break barriers; a certified Small Business owner/Minority Business for community service, improvements, charity and overall well-being; performed integrated supply capabilities and data analysis reviews during COVID-19 to lift the veil.

Reviewing and researching the best practices across the world

Alicia is an award-winning technologist of 18 years located in Alabama. Her company, Tech Innovation Global Incorporated collaborates with organizations and teams to flatten the curve by advocating to; Wear a Mask when you cannot remain 6 feet apart; Watch your distance; Wash your hands; and test. Alicia says that social distancing, face masks and eye protection all appear to reduce the spread of COVID-19, in both health care settings and the general community.

Led by Alicia, Tech Innovation Global Incorporated® is local to global. Alicia’s main goal, including Tech Innovation, is to review and research the best practices across the world and Tech Innovation Global has looked at the best practices and provided those best practices to many of the teams in America. Therefore, Alicia says, “as we look at the best practices, we know that practicing the three W’s is very, very essential and important. That is where everyone can help to implement those practices. Then we also provide data reviews to individuals as well. The three W’s are “wear a mask, watch your distance, and that means to maintain at least six feet distance between yourself and another individual, and wash your hands for at least twenty seconds.”

A quadrant leader in the industry that has knowledge, skill and products

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated serves many organizations, and companies in the marketplace including NGOs, the BBB, private industry, nonprofits, commercial and green purchasing to green solutions to benefit humanity and the environment. According to Alicia, a culture of integrity and innovation at Tech Innovation Global is ensured by percentage breakdown in innovation, for example, 35% Product development, Sales Marketing 25%, Finance 15%, Talent training 10%, IT 8% and Customer Quality Assurance 7%. “We are a quadrant leader in industry and have knowledge, skill, established products and accordance to the FAR and culture of sustainability by design. You acquire the knowledge/skill/experience in various ways (on-the-job learning, coaching, action learning, training, reading, etc.),” says Alicia. 

Since the foundation of Tech Innovation Global, Alicia says, she has learned a lesson or two which include market research for best performance as work is performed to define requirements as well as allows for effective performance and management with a goal to meet performance standards and requirements to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Alicia says, as principal investigator (PI), organization or team, you should not gear to specific offerors who have bad past performance or do not meet exceptional standards with expertise, quality of work and experience in market research, health and corporate planning. She advises to use multiple communication channels to track progress more closely until the person’s performance improves. The Department of Defense has a procedural (i.e., evaluations) process to achieve additional safety and goals.   

Connecting science to earth and supports companies and industry in business

Alicia’s vision is to maximize opportunities for various socioeconomic regions and industries to improve the environment, products to marketplace, new technology and create successful communities. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated works with companies to connect science to earth and supports companies and industry in business, green purchasing, green solution to provide environmental solutions to COVID-19 and assessments to benefit humanity and the environment. “You can collaborate with one of the “World’s First True Commercial Fresh and Salt Water Aquaponics” in Enviroculture™ and new technology, products to marketplace in private industry on various socioeconomic sectors, portals and platforms local to global for NGOs, the BBB industry, commercial and security WINTRIO DEVSecs Ops IT,” she says.   

Performing a lot of COVID activity and reaching out to industry

While Alicia is driving the change from the forefront, Tech Innovation Global has been performing COVID analysis since February and provided a detailed analysis on re-opening in the May/June timeframe. Tech Innovation Global Inc. also provided integrated logistics supply capability to many teams to determine what supplies and items were available in America.

Tech Innovation Global also reached out to about three thousand companies, many of the Fortune 500 companies, and encouraged them to order facemasks in their facilities. Therefore, Tech Innovation Global Inc has been performing a lot of COVID activity and reaching out to industry. Tech Innovation Global is collaborating with telehealth COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) screening services to provide additional safety during the flu season.   

Trained by exceptional leaders and required to complete examinations

Alicia’s career started in the Department of Defense performing calibrations in support of Integrated Flight Tests 6 to 9 in Huntsville Alabama and New Mexico to Kwajalein Islands. Great achievements and exemplary work continued as she distinguished herself and others also who provided outstanding leadership and demonstrated proven capabilities and techniques to improve various technologies. From patents to inventions to economic growth in many regions, Alicia was trained by exceptional leaders and required to complete examinations and exceptionally perform.

Later, she became one of the most influential and inspiring people to break barriers; a certified Small Business owner/Minority Business for community service, improvements, charity and overall well-being; performed integrated supply capabilities and independent data analysis reviews during COVID-19 to lift the veil. Today, Alicia Carroll is a certified officer and award-winning technologist.    

Improving daily life with technology

Before COVID 2001, Alicia worked on data analysis and also in large to small projects regarding logistics supply capabilities as well. Therefore, like now, “we are also offering registered RDNs which are providing services for COVID-19 and post COVID-19. They are called “Real Healthy Habits.” We are encouraging individuals to take on collaborative healthy habits, whether or not if it is in nutrition or mental health. Certified funds are also available through a company called RGK, and that is an NGO type of operation,” she says.    

From the UK, India to global, Alicia has major roles and responsibilities to ensure COVID-19 health literacy and core values of the company are people, improving daily life with technology, and providing exceptional service as a verified vendor and certified WOSB in technology, health and planning. 

She advises aspiring business minds to reduce or eliminate barriers that impede high trust levels. She says, “expectations and demonstrate consistently and integrity. Look at rapport but measure what has been demonstrated. First world countries exhibit high GDP, equitable housing, manufacturing, trade; freedom to travel and without this a country cannot sustain economic prosperity for growth and to maximize opportunities. Essentials include the scope of responsibility, esteem, involvement, share and support other goals. Historical organizations and businesses have the expertise, knowledge and skill can connect science to Earth, products to the marketplace and environmental where several companies many are already making improvements as COVID-19 continues; and post COVID-19.”

Going ahead, Tech Innovation Global Inc is looking forward to three different missions. “One is working with communities and developmental workforce activities, two, providing post-COVID assistance and three, working with different social economic industries to form data analysis, science and environmental research,” concludes Alicia.  

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