Top 05 Citrix Solution Providers, 2021

Winter | 2021

Top 05 Citrix Solution Providers, 2021

Editor’s Corner

Technology keeps evolving everyday with the invention of new applications and solutions. We have all experienced the power of technology first-hand and have fathomed the importance of it. This has been possible because of the remarkable efforts of technology experts who have explored the extensive bandwidth of technology and leveraged it for hassle free operations. Among the wide range of technological innovation is the development of Citrix solutions that catapults seamless business functioning, yet another innovative thought.

In appreciation of the great hard work and dedication put in by these inspiring technologists, Beyond Exclamation has dedicated this issue titled, “Top 05 Citrix Solution Providers, 2021”, to them. Featuring as the cover story of this issue is the success journey of Goliath Technologies shared by the company’s Chairman and CEO, Thomas Charlton. As the name suggests, Goliath Technologies is a leading company that offers end user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software, with embedded intelligence and automation. Thomas profiles the wonderful journey of Goliath Technologies in his own words and shares inspiring insights as a software and technology leader.

In this special edition we have also captured the success stories of four other leading Citrix solution providers who are paving the way to an advanced and developed future. We are honored to feature the journey of Forthright Technology Partners shared by CEO, Andrew Medina, iTBlueprint by CEO and CTO Mike Gower, Netcom Systems by President and CEO Duane Miller and Avanite by Founder and CTO, Peter Jones.

We have been inspired by the creative thinking and relentless efforts of these notable personalities who have made the most of what they had and have created a revolution in the word of technology. 

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