The Secret of the Auroras

The splendid creations of nature:

Undoubtedly, nature is the breeding ground of several wonders in this world. On one hand, it is one of the primary creators, and on the other hand, it is one of the primary reasons for all the natural calamities as well. Aurora is one such creation which is cherished by every scientist or common human being.

This particular phenomenon is visible in certain regions of the Earth, particularly, if an individual visits the extreme regions towards the poles, he or she can observe the Aurora in the sky. At the initial stage, when people did not have any idea why this was seen in the sky, they included their imagination to explain the reason for its existence. After a long time, scientists were able to discover the actual reasons behind the occurrence of Aurora. In the North Pole, Aurora is often designated as Aurora Borealis, while it has been named as Aurora Australis in the South Pole region.

What is the secret behind the creation of an Aurora?

Generally, people have been successful to observe these beautiful structures in the sky during the night, but the shocking fact is that the main reason behind the existence of Aurora is the Sun. As we all know, the Sun is the ultimate source of heat for the entire solar system, however, the Sun provides other components apart from the heat. Sometimes, the sun experiences several solar storms and during one of this kind which is popularly named as coronal mass ejection, the sun is known to eject large volumes of electrified gases.

Along with the Earth’s atmosphere, there are several magnetic particles which provide protection to the planet, and after having an interaction with these particles, the huge masses of electrified gases are passed down to extreme poles of the Earth. Finally, when they gases move with high speed and react with the various components of the atmosphere, they produce several combinations of lights which is the secret behind the formation of an Aurora. If anyone is wondering why they see several textures of colors, they should know that gases like Oxygen and Nitrogen are responsible for the formation of colors such as green, red, blue, purple etc.

Throughout the ages, there have been specific discoveries with respect to our solar system, our planet as well as other planets. These discoveries have let us realize intricate details about our Universe. Considering the formation of Auroras, planet Earth is not the only one to experience it; every planet which has an effective magnetic field has witnessed this majestic phenomenon. So, it is evident that we should continue to learn more about the various events related to our universe.

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