The 10 Most Influential People To Watch Out For, 2020

Winter | 2020

The 10 Most Influential People To Watch Out For, 2020

Editor’s Corner

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” – Martin Luther King Jr

One may have heard the expression: “If you want to know whether you’re an effective leader … look over your shoulder. Are people following you?” There is some distinction to asking yourself whether others have chosen you as a leader. But leadership is not about having followers, as such. It’s about impacting others. Inspiring them to lead. Empowering them to do great things. Leadership is not about job title or position in a company. It’s not something that’s awarded. It’s also not about telling other people what to do … issuing orders. Rather, it’s about impact. It’s about inspiration. It’s about empowerment. And that has to be earned … one person at a time. No organizational title in the world, no authority, no amount of book learning or education, can make you a leader.

In this edition on influential people, titled, “The 10 Most Influential People to Watch Out For, 2020,” we are presenting leaders from various industries who believe in inspiring others and leading them to better heights. On the cover story of our edition, we have Steven Fingerhut, Partner at Phillips & Associates. Steven’s goal each day is to advocate for clients who have been discriminated and retaliated against, sexually harassed, not paid their minimum wage, and subjected to other unlawful workplace practices. He strategizes with teams of attorneys and paralegals to enforce the protections afforded by city, state, and federal laws in civil proceedings. He says he wants to make his clients whole to the greatest extent possible by asserting claims for monetary damages which often arise from a loss of employment as well as emotional distress.

Apart from this, we have John O’Brien, Founder and CEO of Poolwerx; Jim Tompkins, Founder and Chairman of Tompkins International; Erna Grasz Founder and CEO, Asante Africa Foundation; Toby Ruckert, Founder and CEO, UIB; Daniel Bunse, CEO, Rethink Robotics; Joseph Chan, CEO, AsiaPay; Tom Salvat, Founder and CEO of Concured. Furthermore, we have “The CIO’s Best Friend: A Digital Transformation Index” penned down by Michael L. Mathews (Mike) is AVP for Technology & Innovation CIO, Oral Roberts University and “The Future Belongs To Centaurs” by Tiffany Kenyon. Don’t forget to check out these as well.

Without further ado, let’s begin already. Happy reading!

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