Technology Takes a Leap with UIB as the Universal Translator

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have already changed our lives. Taking these innovations to a new level is the skilled team at UIB, that has created the world’s first and leading Conversational IoT and AI platform. UIB has achieved a prominent place in the industry under the ingenious counsel of their Founder and CEO Toby Ruckert, who has played a significant role in the growth and expansion of the company. It has been a wonderful journey for Toby and his team and as he shares a few insights with us, we are certain that his journey will enlighten and inspire you.

The Founding of UIB

We all have dreams and passions that we pursue in life and these dreams keep changing over time with situations, time, knowledge, and resources, as it did for Toby. As a child, Toby wanted to be a doctor. As he grew up, he wanted to be a concert pianist and started studying piano. However, destiny had a different plan for him. Toby never believed in achieving one goal and staying there. The universe is ever-expanding, so why would we limit our growth in terms of knowledge and experience. His journey to founding UIB started when he was using modems to set up a Bulletin Board System (BBS) in 1992 before experimenting with voice recognition and mobile phones in 1994. He realized his passion ventured out into trying to make a mark in the field of technology, and UIB was born. Today, UIB is one of the leading companies in its field that facilitates frictionless on-boarding and seamless communications between humans and machines, such as connected appliances/smart homes, smart cities and smart factories. Pioneers in this technology, UIB is a global company with users all over the world.

The Services of UIB

Toby defines UIB as a ‘universal translator’ between humans and machines, creating an H2M (Human to Machine) Communications Exchange, thereby leading in a new market category of Conversational AI with special and Cognitive IoT capabilities which allows us to “simply communicate.” Communication has become quite complex and with the advent of IoT, we now not only communicate with each other but also with “things.”

UIB provides a secure, intelligent and connected Unified Communications platform that makes it easy for humans and machines to talk and understand each other by serving as a universal translator between human language and machine language (APIs). One of the unique qualities that differentiates UIB from its competitors is its ability to let their clients 100% own and control their users’ conversational data and analytics, as the platform is fully encrypted end-to-end and next to the cloud, works on-premise as well.

Their patented Unified AI® and UnificationEngine® technologies are used by global consumer electronics companies and device/appliance manufacturers in the Consumer IoT (CIoT) space, large enterprises in various industries for Industrial IoT (IIoT) and city councils and local municipalities for Government IoT (GIoT).

The Leader with an Inventive Mind

After building his first two companies, Toby decided he wanted to try an early retirement to reflect about life a bit before making his next move which eventually lead him to New Zealand where he was living at a beach on a beautiful island. Being inspired by nature, he started UIB and moved to Singapore, which is right at the center of South East Asia, India and China, which together is the world’s fastest growing region in terms of technology, innovation, IoT and with the ability to innovate at speed alongside fast developing markets. “The best part is the people you meet and the relationships you build. Also, learning is exponential. The toughest part is the constant race for innovation while balancing the resources needed and navigating the market forces at play to successfully launch that innovation in the market,” said Toby.

He believes that the journey has just begun, and he has a lot more to achieve. “I think we’re born into situations because we long for them and because we have something to give to them at the time. But we should never get stuck in them,” he adds. Purpose, the opportunity to constantly learn and evolve, his team, to pay it forward and to leverage his abilities for a better world, and a sense of duty are a few things that keep him determined and driven towards work.

To maintain a proper balance in work and personal life, you must have strong physical and mental health. Many leaders often underestimate taking care of themselves in the process of leading others. “If I’m in a bad mood, it can easily affect others and my ability to make good decisions. If I’m not feeling well, I cannot focus and work productively and effectively. There are innumerous challenges leaders face and investing in being both physically and mentally ‘fit’ ensures you’re ready for whatever challenge comes next. I try to live a healthy lifestyle, eat well, exercise a bit, consciously — and proactively — take breaks when needed, and regularly meditate.” On a personal front, Toby takes breaks to focus on his health. “I just completed a week of water-based fasting and it was a great experience. I’ve been meditating daily for the past 15 years but would like to dedicate more time towards health and wellness, as ultimately, purpose driven innovation needs the clarity of mind to receive the right ideas and the strength of the body to execute ones dreams in a sustainable manner.”

In Toby’s opinion, successful entrepreneurs are the ones who continue to understand themselves better, just a little bit more every day. Their abilities, their boundaries, and their strengths and weaknesses are what drives them to venture on and master them to become a better version of themselves. “The ability to overcome adversity, to manage both the big and the small picture, to be patient, yet keenly observing, are all important traits needed to become a successful entrepreneur. And interestingly, someone needs to like you — whether it’s your people, your investors, your customers — and yes – even yourself – because no one can do it on their own.”

The Dream of Bigger Goals for the Future

Toby wants UIB to be the company who is known for making human to machine communications as natural, and as simple, as human to human communications. Just as Gottlieb Daimler forever changed transportation with the invention of the world’s first running motor, UIB is forever changing communications — allowing people with a single UnificationEngine-powered SmartContact in their smartphone’s Contacts to use natural language text and voice messaging to talk to any cloud-connected device, enterprise software, consumer service, chatbot or digital assistant on over 30 of the world’s most popular communications channels (including Facebook’s WhatsApp, Google’s Home or Amazon’s Alexa) in any language.

The team of UIB is a group of highly motivated individuals. Their leader Toby believes that we all need to find ways to tap into our inner voice and self which can help us to discover who we truly are — amazing human beings constantly striving towards realizing the best version of themselves. Any imposed characteristics would simply hinder this very important process in creation. UIB is in the process of becoming the world’s leading H2M (Human to Machine) Communication Exchange, making it easy for humans and machines to “simply communicate.”

When a group of skilled professionals are led by a good leader, innovation happens. Toby is a passionate and levelheaded businessman who is determined to achieve every goal despite the challenges. As he continues to lead his team, we are sure that his journey will be an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs to never stop dreaming.

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