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Success can be measured in various ways. Many set profit only as a measure of success, however, Dejan Stancer does not agree with this concept. Dejan is the Chairman of the Global Chambers of Business Leaders (GCBL) Board. Success for him is experiential growth, inner peace, and general happiness. Profit, of course, is not completely ruled out, but it is certainly not the only criteria for success.

Leading An Organization To Success Is Not Easy

The basic definition of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders is: GCBL is a coalition of governmental leaders, CEOs and executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and business and industry leaders who share a common vision: the sustainable well-being and growth of business in a disruptive and ever-evolving global economy. The Global Chamber of Business Leaders prioritizes activities that align with the UN-declared Decade of Action, promoting the importance of the inclusion of Sustainable Development Goals in the future business models, allowing their partners, members, and participants to prepare their businesses to be vanguards of the future. “If I add to this, ethical business practices, solidarity in these difficult times, openness to everyone and cooperation with everyone, which seems increasingly difficult, then I can say that this is what led me to GCBL and what leads me forward towards the goal,” states Dejan.

Challenges Make You Stronger

What doesnt kill you only makes you stronger, this was once said by Nietzsche and Dejan believes that he was absolutely right. Experience brings both ups and downs, without which there would be no experience. “Not joking but, many people do wish that the falls would be over and only the rise would follow, but unfortunately, life and experience teach us that this is not the way to go,” Dejan explains.

He further adds, “No one wants me to start telling them about all the barriers Ive encountered in my life and successfully overcome. There were simply too many of these. But the lessons you can gain from this, on the other hand, are also invaluable.” He also states that he has learned how important it is, to be honest, to help people, to point out mistakes, to be in solidarity, and to always follow one’s intuition and listen to one’s heart.

The Beginning Of A Successful Career As A Leader

The beginning of Dejan’s career was probably his entry into entrepreneurship, in which he worked as a very young person. A period of hard work, renunciation, countless worries followed, but in the end also immense experience and acquired knowledge, this is what makes him partly what he is today. “Then there is the ability to make the right decisions based on realistic assumptions, and often pragmatism, and finally the choice of colleagues. There is no success without them. There is

no individual success,” he explains.

Dejan does not believe in redefinition, because it means changing the existing, which, as a rule, always means tensions and possible conflicts. He is in favour of further development and strengthening of the world economy, integration, cooperation, and especially the awareness that

one day in the future we will all be interdependent on cooperation, as nature becomes increasingly relentless. He strongly believes that it is essential to continue the process of globalization, not in terms of concentrating capital and strengthening the power of multinationals, but in terms of free trade, which must be fair. Aware of the importance of ethics and morals, and drawing attention to solidarity, these are the key chapters that GCBL gives to its members, thus strengthening the global economy.

GCBL – Its Services And Vision For The Future

Dejan’s experience and the knowledge that came with him, along with his connections, were probably key to the growth of GCBL under his leadership. Of course, not only the choice of quality employees and organizational skills but also the ability to never give up is what added to the growth. “If you asked me who is the most stubborn man I have ever met in my life, I would easily answer that it is me. What I choose, I always carry out in life, no matter what,” he exclaims.

He states that he is truly proud of everything they have achieved in that period. “Of course, we could have achieved much more if time was more lenient,” says  Dejan. The pandemic has intervened in everything, including in the growth and development of GCBL, which, despite everything, has developed into a modern, high-quality, large, and forward-looking global organization.

Dejans vision is equivalent to the set goals. The goal of GCBL is, in this Decade of Action, to bring together business leaders, government officials, and entrepreneurs from around the globe to the global marketplace to share knowledge, facilitate business collaboration and opportunity and work together to be part of the global solution in this new, disruptive business environment. Recognizing that innovative business models and best practices must unite with strategies of sustainability. “It is our global mandate to govern, develop policy, and grow our businesses in a manner that makes a positive impact on the environment, society, and our global economy,” he further explains.

The best motivation is always to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Therefore, it is crucial to set short, realistic goals, medium, and long-term. The employees should also be included in them as much as possible. Achieving the set goals then becomes their goal. This is why the relationship and trust you cultivate with your closest colleagues is important, without which nothing can be done.

Dejan’s Life Before GCBL Board

Dejan claims that his life before the GCBL board was pretty boring. “Of course, there were fewer commitments and I had more free time, while I now have a chronic lack of time. I used to be the president of the bilateral business club between Kazakhstan and Slovenia, and except for the times when I was on a trip, the days used to be relaxed,” he states. The latter must be seen as a fact that he was previously connected with two or three countries, but now there are more than 150 countries to which he is connected in one way or another. Despite that, Dejan is honoured and happy about the fact that he can lead such a dynamic and qualified team while working with such exceptional people.

Responsibilities As Chairman

Dejan, who defines himself as a ‘focused’ person states that his workdays are long, sometimes tiring, but at the same time dynamic and experiential. He also works up to 20 hours a day. Even though he tries to wake up as early as possible in the mornings, he is usually greeted by dozens of emails and messages, as well as quite a few missed calls. This usually takes up the first two to three hours of the workday. Then the commitments, meetings, interviews, strategies are

agreed upon. “My days are usually quite full of scheduled appointments, however, there are calls, video conferences, or issues that come up unannounced, mostly on the weekdays but often on the weekends too. These important functions require the whole person, and the obligations that these functions bring are unknown to the calendar,” he explains.

Future Plans For GCBL

“We do not lack plans for the future,” states Dejan. In the area of human resources, there are plans to further expand the network of delegates by having their own high representatives/delegates – in every country in the world. They are also rapidly expanding the network of senior advisers so that they can best cover all social and economic areas. Their advisory teams are also extremely active and have been working with quite a few governments around the world, hiring them mostly for advice on tourism, investment, better economic connectivity with the rest of the world, as well as planning either economic or political strategies.

GCBL is also expanding the level of services that will further enhance the experience their members have with them. They are doing everything they can to connect their members and partners as best they can, and the end of the pandemic will be greatly beneficial to them. “We will start with live events, conferences, seminars, and GCBL global summit’s again,” states Dejan.  The GCBL global is always the cherry on top” every year or the event of all events for their global community.

When it comes to business, Dejan believes in having strong ethics and morals, no matter what. They stand in solidarity with those who have the same qualities while helping other human beings cooperate no matter what. Sustainable development, and caring for the environment is his goal as he believes this will be better for future generations. They have many strong and like-minded people from all over the world who want to join GCBL in achieving their goals. “This truly inspires me to move forward,” exclaims Dejan.

Dejan’s Quotes For Success

It’s not the brain that leads to success, but the heart. Someone who does not have a heart does not benefit with its brain either.

If you walk with your head bowed all your life, people will never know how big you are.

Only true leaders, with strong enough intuition and a big heart, will be able to recognize the opportunity of a lifetime.

If You Don’t Dream, Nothing Can Come True For You.

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