Cathleen Beerkens: Building a Holistic Health Coaching Platform to Restore Balance and Wellness

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Cathleen Beerkens, Founder & Health Coach, A Wellness Revolution hopes to transform the illness-driven medical system towards a system based on health and wellness.

As the world moves away from the “sick” care system to a “well” care system, A Wellness Revolution will bring new information and understanding to assist this transition and develop leaders that can help people coach in a more holistic way.

Cathleen is creating a platform for like-minded people around the world to unify and help others through this incredible change.

Helping the world become more connected and whole

As a child, Cathleen always believed in a world of goodness and love, and while she had these elements in her childhood, she was also struck with the overwhelming sense of living in a world that was highly disconnected from balance.

“I observed this disconnection as it affected my immediate family, the community, and the global world that we live in. My true purpose was born from these observations. I wanted to help the world become more connected and whole,” she says.

As a Nurse and Health Coach, Cathleen has helped many people influence their future selves, helping them manifest health, joy, and true happiness. “It has always been my passion to help people adapt to change and find their purpose, balance, and healing,” she says.

Her aim is to offer the opportunity to become and evolve into the best versions of ourselves, as we make choices that really serve us, and help us create our unique lives more consciously.

Creating a more holistic vision of wellness

A Wellness Revolution was first registered in 2018, and since then, it has been granted two very important international certifications from the National Board of Health and the Wellness Coaches (NBHWC) and International Coaching Federation (ICF). The company has also been granted the Dutch accreditation from the organization, BLCN.

“We believe certification is necessary for Health and Wellness Coaches in the future, as Health and Wellness Coaches are necessary for humanity to become more healthy, healed, and happy. It is important that all governments regulate this profession and brings it to the mainstream health care system,” says Cathleen.

A Wellness Revolution exposes students to the new evolving and developing Sciences of Epigenetics, Neuroscience, and Glycoscience. These sciences offer us a more holistic vision of what wellness really means, and help us learn the importance of cellular health and renewal for optimal wellness.

“We offer two cohorts a year and we offer Certification with The International Coach Federation, The National Board of Health, and the BLCN in the Netherlands,” says Cathleen. “Our trained Certified Health and Wellness coaches learn the significance of the cellular level on all levels of body, mind, and spirit, bringing to their clients a much deeper, more robust definition of self-care.”

Cathleen feels motivated to make an impact in helping people become self-actualized and find their purpose in live.

“I have learned from Steve Job’s commencement speech that you cannot connect the dots forward,” she says. “In reflection now, my passion of helping other people has guided me to this moment, in the last three years, where I used all my knowledge and compassion for humanity by starting and developing A Wellness Revolution.”

A goal of training health coaches all over the world

As the founder and the creator of the mission, Cathleen aims to train thousands of students all over the world to access this new knowledge to help transform and support the mainstream medical system.

Teaching others how to coach holistically, focusing on mind, body and spirit is inspiring for her and brings her great joy. The strategies that helped her grow the company were providing critical education, and building a community and support connection.

She started out developing classes for local communities in the Netherlands, and developing a Holistic Coaching Course for Health and Wellness Coaching.

According to the mission statement of A Wellness Revolution, the company is committed to provide education and training to help Health and Wellness Coaches develop in a holistic way, as they integrate the understanding and complexity of the connections between the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

A Wellness Revolution is also committed to spreading knowledge of the new sciences of Epigenetics, Neuroscience, and Glycoscience, to bring an understanding of the importance of the health of our cells to our wellbeing.

Inspiring people to regain their life potential & life force

“Transformation and change are all around us, and as our technological environment rapidly evolves, so must we,” says Cathleen. “The healthcare and wellness industries are in this shift, and are changing. Health and Wellness Coaches come to help with that change.”

The students at A Wellness Revolution are taught to Coach holistically, helping their clients to make lifestyle and behavioral changes.

“I inspire people to regain their life potential and life force. I help others to develop an increased awareness and consciousness about themselves and their environment. I love life, and one of my greatest qualities is my determination to never give up!” says Cathleen.

What makes A Wellness Revolution unique from its competitors is that the company trains coaches holistically, focusing on the body, mind, and spirit connections in Health and Wellness. The students love learning about the complexities and bio-individuality of wellness.

“We also believe in the new forms of education and testing, where we focus less on memorization and more on integration and application. We give oral discussion group tests to help the student integrate and use the material in their coaching practices,” says Cathleen.

The Wellness Coaching Course helps trainees explore new ways of thinking by focusing on the new understanding of Neuroscience, where they help students learn the importance of thoughts, thought patterns, and emotions that influence our ability to create different possibilities in our life.

“We teach our students how to use the spiritual laws that govern science. For instance, the law of vibration, or the law of alignment that governs our energetic world,” says Cathleen.

Building global influence in holistic health & wellness

Up until now, Cathleen has been re-writing and perfecting the course for accreditations, and has also started a YouTube channel in 2020, where she interviews people who are bringing health and wellness to their communities in a new holistic way.  

The YouTube channel also gives Cathleen the opportunity to share with the community new ideas, new scientific research, and a new understanding of holistic bio-individual health.

Cathleen recalls how she interviewed Linde Mees, the owner of Whole Systems Energetics, on how she helps businesses improve the energetic fields of their systems. She then spent four hours preparing the lessons for the next day of teaching students.

“I will never stop in my quest to make the world a better place. I believe A Wellness Revolution is in its infancy and will continue to grow and expand,” says Cathleen. “Last year we received many awards for pioneering this work, and although I am not attached to an award, it brought light to the hard work that I had done.”

She believes that, as a Health Coach, it is important to walk her talk and to continue practicing self-care in all areas of her life that affect her mind, body and spirit. “Helping others creating a life of health and happiness is not possible if that is not my focus for myself,” says Cathleen.

Her advice to young entrepreneurs is to follow their hearts, and no matter what shows up daily, continue to focus on their vision and dream.

“I will continue to develop leaders, teacher, mentors as well as coaches with A Wellness Revolution. My YouTube channel will expand and influence people to find new ways to achieve a life of health and wellness. We will grow to have a global influence,” says Cathleen.

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