The Failure of One Dream is the Seed of Another

The 10 Companies Beyond Business Transformation

The transformation of a slow paced startup to a swiftly growing multifaceted company needs a risk taking attitude, motivation and confidence. He started his journey with a tailor made formula that eventually took the shape of success and Rafael Romis, CEO of Weberous, knew that a new chapter was in the making. An extravagant outcome of circumstances as Rafael describes, Weberous is one of the leading companies in web design and development today. The Entrepreneurial Expedition To begin an entrepreneurial journey without a rock solid foundation and with minimal expertise is a rather challenging task, especially in a competitive market, and so it was for Rafael who set out as a man with big dreams. Rafael was born and raised in Greece and studied management science in England after which he moved back and ran a retail store in Greece. He then migrated to Los Angeles to further explore his entrepreneurial career and started building simple sites for the purpose of ranking them on Google with the help of a formula he developed. The sites took off and he was able to start selling ad space. However there were a few hindrances from Google that made him switch his focus to web design and that’s how Weberous was born. This new path was filled with struggles at the beginning, but Rafael pivoted towards achieving his goal of making it big, which had brought him to Los Angeles. The rise of Weberous was based on the most effective tool of marketing- the word of mouth. Once the news spread, a new chapter of success started unveiling. The Way Weberous Does It Making a mark as one of the best at what they do, Weberous is a web design and development company that primarily focuses on understanding their clients goals and then striving effortlessly to help them achieve them, through creative and effective websites. Initially the company only created websites according to the clients’ requirements and delivered what was desired. However, with the ever changing market and the need to experience something different each day, the creative minds at Weberous started curating new ideas and solutions in the best interest of the clients’ business growth. They went beyond what the client originally thought they needed. They work together with the client and discuss new concepts that are distinctive. With a view to make the client experience a better one, Weberous works in their own unique way, giving them the confidence to up their game each day. The Founder Finds Amidst the struggles and initial challenges, Rafael found himself confidently pressing forth in the upward direction to make a mark. Hailing from Greece as a retail shop owner, he knew he had a knack for business, but did not have defined path. The evolution of Weberous began with Rafael’s first dream of being a digital producer for a web series. That venture did not succeed due to lack of funding, but it later transformed into a digital marketing firm, out of which Weberous evolved. Being a digital expert himself Rafael relentlessly contributes and shares his views on various publications. He is currently the overseer at Weberous who takes care of the operations and strategic planning of projects. The Glory Days  It is the client who makes a business grow and stay put in a leading position. Weberous has a clear objective of working for their clients’ interests, understanding their perspective and finding unique ways to exceed the client expectations. “Clients are knowledgeable, which is a good and bad thing” says Rafael “because information can be interpreted in several ways, and can often times be misleading. Clients need to be educated and guided the right way, and we’re seeing that clients are more receptive to new ideas” adds Rafael. Clients like ISS Props have described their experience with Weberous as seamless and productive and one of the best so far. Another client, Luxe Essentials has said that Weberous has been incredible and highly responsive. Another feather in the cap of Weberous was added by Stunt Players who shared their experience saying, “There are no tricks when working with Weberous. Talking to real people makes us feel at ease. We’ve been associated with them for over a year now and they have been nothing but honest and loyal”.  Well, needless to say, the glory days of Weberous have just begun with many more to come. The Wide Way for Weberous Weberous has a great advantage in that they’ve had the opportunity to work with national agencies and gain experience by working on and building million dollar websites through white labeling. Weberous tries to give its clients similar experiences with fewer people involved that make the result more efficient. The future plans of Weberous include making the client journey more personal by not just developing their website but also partnering with them and really understand their business. To make that happen, Weberous is planning and strategizing new projects and also spending more time in ensuring perfection in every plan. A series of fortunate coincidences, ups and downs, high and lows paved the destiny of Weberous from a small underdeveloped dream of a young entrepreneur to an inspirational journey of a CEO and founder of a leading web design agency. Traversing through it all was not easy but was worth it, and today when Rafael looks back he is proud and energized for what the future of Weberous holds!
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