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The 10 Most Influential Business Leaders to Follow in 2022

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Exceptional Leaders Make Others Grow

Businesses, just like empires can come and go with time. However, there are some that last for ages while growing immensely throughout their reign and great leadership is the secret to that growth. Great leaders have the ability to motivate employees, help others see and believe in a vision, and lead innovation and progress in the company. Having a great leader at the helm is something that all investors, consumers, and employees want. Many of these influential leaders have worked tirelessly to structure their thoughts and power struggling through the ups and downs of the business world while fiercely creating history in their own unique ways.

Times have changed and everything around us is different, but business leaders have risen above the barriers of constant change and overcome challenges to run companies leaving an unforgettable mark, as well as inspiring many to follow through. At Beyond Exclamation we honor the exceptional journey of these leaders and dedicate this issue titled “The 10 Most Influential Business Leaders to Follow in 2022” to them. Featuring on the cover of this magazine we have covered the inspiring journey of Taiza Krueder, CEO of Clara Resorts. Passionate about the art of cooking and the pleasure of exquisite flavors, Taiza Krueder is an award-winning reference in ecological hospitality for the leisure of high-end families. She worked in this industry for two decades before deciding to dedicate herself to her husband’s small hotel. She received her cuisine training at Paris Ferrandi’s Ecolle Superieure de Cuisine Francaise. Taiza is an innate entrepreneur and an avid student of life and books. She strives to do her part for a better future by motivating individuals in their professional routes. Learn more about her success journey in this exclusive article.


Inclusive is also the successful journeys of Ashok Dudhat, Founder and CEO of Tech Jobs Fair; Jimmy Widén, Founder and CEO of 3SA Estate; Julia Anthony, Founder and CEO of SOLUtion Medical; Jes Osrow, Founder of Josrow; May Yap, Director of LHT Holdings Ltd; Michael Collura, President & CEO of In Home Personal Services; Felena Hanson, Founder of @Herahub; Joshua Pelled, Founder & CEO of Bright Futures UK; and José R. Sánchez, President & CEO of Humboldt Park Health.


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